May 16, 2012


You know what I've noticed, Peeps? Less time for projects on my blog. I do mostly talking about nonsense and sharing photos with Nana. That's okay I suppose, but I loved how my blog pushed me to be accountable to projects I was dreaming of before. The truth is, my work changed midway through the year last year and it's been much different since. I don't have the time in the evenings anymore to sit and write out projects. I'm working on changing that. I ask that you hang in there, if you aren't horribly annoyed at my drivel between now and whenever I finally get around to posting about new projects. Like:
- summer lap quilting
- new pillows!
- hand embroidery
- paint projects in the bedroom and bathroom
- finishing the lower level of our home
- framed lyrics with vintage frames
- sourcing and then painting desks for both boys' rooms while they're away
As you can see, my brains haven't stopped twitterpating about new projects. I just haven't spent the time to track them. I promise I will try to improve on this. And I'll be honest, this is just as much for me as it is for anyone else. I rely on the blog constantly to look up something I've posted in the past. It's really less about narcissism and more about organization, see. 
My 3 head east with their dad next Saturday for the summer. We have 10 days left until we say goodbye for 2 months. And yes we will keep busy while they are gone, but we will be counting down the days until July 28, when they come back. I know they'll have a great time and for that, I truly am very excited for them! Little Moo has gone on and on and on about seeing her daddy this week. She is also excited to see her toy horse.
Can I just briefly say that the past two episodes of Grey's Anatomy have been riveting? I don't watch on Thursday evenings usually. Oh, we are running Hayley back to her mom's or going for a run right around that time, so I've been letting the DVR take care of it for me. Then I catch back up on Saturday sometime. This past weekend I caught up on two episodes in a row. I know it was fretting Mindy that she couldn't spill to me because LAWSIE that show is just ahhhhsome. Oh I can't wait for the finale?! Will they get off the moutain before the last minute? 
When I free up a brain cell this weekend, I must remember to write down the dates of our favorite live music in town on the chalkboard wall. If we have it right there in front of us, we can go more often!
So the other night on the way home my husband says to me, "What do you think about going for a run when we get home?" My very lazy and looking-for-excuse self was shocked at the hour: 8:45. He insisted it would be fine and... it was. It was beautiful! Fully light when we began but dark when we arrived home, we ran about 2.5 miles around our lake and winding through a part of the neighborhood I've never seen. We remarked on landscaping, paint colors, and coworkers along the way. Discussed God's plan for us while watching him dim the lights on the world for the day. Love it.
This week, Bryon picked the boys up from school 15 minutes early. [Their last day is Friday.] Then the three of them headed to the big and fancy theatres to see The Avengers. They've been plotting and discussing and, "Oooh did you hear..?" -ing for weeks. Awesome boy time was had.
We are planning a big grill out this weekend to send the kids off in style. It will be the last weekend for all 4 littles together until August. The weather is supposed to be 80, with only a slight chance for a shower. There will definitely be showers if we get out the sprinker! Friends and family plan to stop by. Maybe I'll get off my ass and haul the big camera out this time.

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