May 11, 2012

When He Grows Up

[picture of Trevor's end-of-week routine, earned DS time after a hard week of readin' and writin']

The other day Trevor mentioned to me a little wish that he's said at LEAST a dozen times. He said it to me first when we drove out here in July of 2008, when he met baby Jonas for the first time. He said it repeatedly when we lived with Aunt Mindy and Uncle Roger, and more since they've moved away. Every time I show him the latest Instagram from Aunt Mindy, usually. When he wishes his wish he says, "I hope I have a baby just like Jonas when I'm a dad." 

Oh be still my heart. As most of you know, Aunt Mindy's son Jonas has Down Syndrome. Many of you also know that Trevor has a little sister in Heaven who also had Down Syndrome. To many parents, this diagnosis is tragic. To some it means a death sentence for their baby. But to Trevor, who absolutely knows that there exists this different thing called 'Down Syndrome' and 'so what, they learn a little differently'... my son is wishing to his Heavenly Father for a child exactly like that. 

THAT does a mama's heart good, let me tell you what!

I think that all of this is because Trevor is different himself. Unique. Trevor is emotional. He is empathetic. He is very clever and understands more reasoning than many adults I know. He is far more mature than he should be at age 11, and so tall he's at my shoulders already. He loves Jesus and said so with water baptism a few years ago in front of our entire congregation. He does not embarrass easily. He asks the hard questions that many children (especially those of divorced parents) are afraid to ask.

Of his father.

Of me, and of Bryon.

Trevor talks about being an architect when he grows up because it would be a cool and manly thing to do. But if you want my honest opinion, I think Trevor would make a terrific therapist, counselor, or special needs teacher. He's been asking me more and more about those sorts of careers now as well. It's exciting to watch how the Holy Spirit lays something on your child's heart. I can't wait to see what he chooses to do with it and how God will weave this into his life. Oh what a beautiful heart he built inside of my little boy. 

I am so, so proud.

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  1. I didn't know about your baby girl. My heart to you. Trevor reminds me of my D. You are very blessed.