June 12, 2012

The Badlands

The Badlands are situated on the western half of the great state of South Dakota. They were formed by erosion. [Don't be too impressed, I had to look this up.]  God made them and the world licked it's winds at them for years until they began to bare their insides and caverns. It's amazing.

There are rattlesnakes out here as well, so we were watching our walking. But I couldn't help myself. I had to be out IN them. I had to stand on and in this great part of our world. And the juxtaposition of the green and the mountains? Be still my heart.

I gasped. Audibly.

This is the first of many great pictures of Rachel's Boobs. Blurry, focused on the background, and big ole boobs at the ready. That's my husband, the amateur photographer. Makes me smile.

Bryon would camp here as a child, in a remote part of this national park. He could hear the wolves howl at night while they ate pies off the fire. Wow.

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