June 27, 2012

Chicken Fried Hair

The foray into super blonde went by so fast that I didn't even have time to post the pictures that were taken of my chicken fried hair. Wanna see?

Yeah, I knew you'd say yes.

This is BEFORE the super blonde. Just, medium blonde. Even before I went and fried the crap out of it, it was still chicken fried. Dry. The ends were sickly and that, I did NOT appreciate, my friends.

And so I had those sticky ends lopped off.

The cut, I love. I wasn't sure I would after spending so long growing it out. And the truth is, it was already sort of fried from the red of last year being covered up by the brown. Right. And so this cut lobbed off most of the damage.

But as you all know, I went and did this. I looked like... not me. And so I had to have it fixed.

Ahhh.... me.

Yes, I still have damage. But I'm treating it with Kerastase treatments and it's so soft and strong now.

Anyway. Chicken Fried Hair circa 2012. You're welcome.

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