June 22, 2012

Father's Day for the Homeboy

For weeks he's been saying that he wanted to take in a live game. We'd planned a Pheasants baseball game but when Uncle Dennis called with free tickets to a Storm game instead, we were thrilled. This was my first arena football game and it was awesome!

We will definitely do it again as a family of 6. But it was a terrific start to Father's Day weekend. Homeboy chilled with Dennis and his peeps the whole night.

Hayley ate cotton candy and popcorn, and I took tons of pictures. We also won - slammed the crap out of the Omaha Beef actually. 

I'd planned Bryon's Father's Day present with Uncle Shannon for months. MONTHS. Bryon's been staring at, picking up, and lusting after this TaylorMade Burner 2.0 for over a year. Sure I could have gotten him the newest model, but this was the bad boy he swung every chance he got. When Uncle Shannon and I found it for a relative steal - the actual exact 10.5 stiff left he wanted, I had to snap it up. And so it sat hidden, until Father's Day.

As I already shared, Grandma Sharon, Hayley, and I went shopping on Saturday for Bryon as well. It was so nice to spoil him some! He spied a golf bag during our last visit to the store [his old bag was over 12 years old] so the bag was a definite as well. I mean, with the new club... well, would you park a Ferrari in a tool shed? I think not. 

And so the plans began to swirl through my brains, scheming up the best way to surprise him. I wanted the gifts from me to be given separately from the gifts given by Hayley and the kids. 

And so on Father's Day morning at about 6:30, my husband rolled over toward me in the bed. There was just enough light to see his handsome face. When he opened his eyes he saw me... and a beautiful white driver on his pillow. He was THRILLED.

And then he got up to make me 'thank you' coffee and stumbled over his new golf bag in the kitchen. Dude RAN back to the bedroom to scoop me up into a thank you hug. He was bowled over. So worth it.

All of this meant that of course, we would golf on that day. "Church at the golf course," declared Dad.

Even the kids' clubs were washed.

After we'd returned the golf cart and packed up to come home, the phone rang. Andrew and Mabel called to wish Bryon a Happy Father's Day, too [Trevor was occupied.]. I am so thankful for that phone call. 

And I am so thankful for this man in our lives. He is a Godly man and a Godly husband, who rises to His expectations all the time. He leads us and loves us and gives for us every day. I pray for his continued courage and bravery to be in this world and not of it, I pray for his heart and his mind and his soul. I pray for him to keep on loving Jesus because the benefit is getting greater and greater. I am proud that he is ours. He is a gift... not only to me, but to each of our four. 

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