June 18, 2012

The Hills, Part 2: Lake Pactola, Custer State Park

On day two we awoke and went to Denny's for the BEST breakfast, I swear. Denny's. Hmm, who knew?

Day two was all about beauty. Holy crap. I cannot explain how quiet and humbled all of His creation made me on this day.

We drove through Rapid City and out to Lake Pactola. An enormous lake situated in the mountains. It was STUNNING.

The observatory had some great historical references, including this picture of Sitting Bull, which made me think of the bedtime story my dad told me when I was little about this Native American Indian.

We drove south from there, down into Custer. The mountains began to change a bit. Such deep green with enormous, rounded rocks jutting out. They took my breath away.

Crazy Horse in progress!

When we arrived in Keystone, Bryon begged to go through the National Presidential Wax Museum. He'd gone there as a child every summer and yes, like most things it had changed over the years, but it was pretty cool. All of the statues that are standing are life-sized and molded after their exact bodily dimensions. Bizarre to stand taller than most of the presidents, say I!

Those mountains will always hold a special place in my heart. Like my husband, they will call me back every year. I cannot wait to take the kids next time!

On this day we also visited the Chapel In The Hills and Sylvan Lake. I'm not exaggerating by saying both were life-altering experiences. Those posts are coming this week! And then I will be done posting on vacation because seriously, I'm sure you lovely peeps are bored to death. Thanks for allowing me to scrapbook this journey live; that's basically what this blog is for.

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