June 11, 2012

Sunday Report

Weekend update stands thus:

Saturday's yard party went late. Very late. 
On Sunday we slept til 11. HOLY CRAP.
Made breakfast.  
Made other things.  
Sat beside each other on the couch, all sloppy and vegetable-like, with no agenda or list to complete.
Women's golf on ESPN and 50 First Dates.
Husband sang Love Song by 311.
Mrs. Eastwood and Company marathon happened entirely by accident.
Breaking Dawn 1 was on purpose.
True Blood also on purpose.
Talked about love and how much we're in it.
Simultaneous hankering for cheeseburgers after dark.
Downloaded Love Song by 311 at 10.
Shared a #2 from McDonald's at 10:30.
Home and snuggled under the quilts by 10:45.

And Dear B: You already know that I love how you bury in the covers and I watch TV at bedtime. But what you may not know is how I love when you start to fall asleep and realize you're not touching enough of me. So there is an eruption of covers as you scoot your butt back until my right leg is all tucked underneath you. Then the snoring starts.

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