July 19, 2012

(And Because It's Really Thursday) Things I Love Thursday

1.  I could easily be a vegetarian if I didn't love meat so much. I adore veggie-only meals on occassion and I've got this recipe on my list of summer favorites. Easy, inexpensive, healthy, and fresh. I reckon Bryon could sling some chicken breast on his if he wants, too.

2. I'm considering therapy to work through my Jennifer Aniston obsession. Not really. I just love her. She's ookey and silly and has a cool tattoo story. She also has the best hair in the planet. It just so happens that we have a very similar natural hair color and very similar highlights. It might also be true that on a whim I felt in the last 72 hours, I gave my stylist permission to remove approximately 7 inches of hair from my head in the above hairstyle. Tee hee.

3. Hayley is now the newest member of future Heaven. She asked Christ into her heart on Sunday. She confessed her love for him and raised her hand at altar call. We are so proud of her and I am so in love with this God that I serve. He is my very most favorite.

4. When I was little I had a signet ring. It was heart-shaped. I still have the little bitty ring in my jewelry box. Oh how I adored that thing. When I saw these more modern versions at Catbird my heart went pitter-pat.

5. The girls need fringe banners. Oh yes they do.

6. If anyone recognizes this cat, um... please comment and I will reward you with 100 gold coins. Or a meeeellion jillion jelly beans. I need this cat. NEED. Like air to breathe, Peeps.

7. Heavy grandpa sweaters.

8. This week I came across a book made entirely of candid Instagram photos... and I passed out cold. And when I woke up I made a promise to journal the business out of one for Christmas this year! MUST. DO. THIS!

9. I think everything from the 80's is coming back. And this, oh my. I never thought I'd see jeans like this again. I had a pair. The floral patches were peach and pink. I miss those jeans. And, Girls, if you like these... go find a pair of thrift jeans that fit you well, and then pig out on fabric scraps at your local sewing store and go to town with the sewing machine! Don't even worry about pressing seams on your patches; the fridge will make it look extra precious.

10. Dear Universe, please make the 'all hail the green necklace' available again for order. So cheap, and so gorgeous.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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