July 9, 2012

Lake Brandt, Visit One

On Friday afternoon I was feeling a bit... needy of a getaway with my husband. I was worried he'd have to work all weekend. And with one email, he changed our plans.

"We should go somewhere and put our toes in the sand," he said.

Oh sure, that's nice. Let's just up and go to Cali right now. Right, Dear. Uh huh... Say what now? You have a friend with a lake cabin? And there is a beach? And can I handle being dirty for a day or two, covered in lake water, possibly fishing and defnitely jet-skiing, and sitting around a fire?  Is my name Rachel Krutsch?

"WHERE DO I SIGN UP?" I emailed back.

We spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday about an hour away from home. But it might as well have been Hawaii for the way in touched our souls. And wouldn't you know that his phone didn't ring even one time? God paved the way, I'll tell you what.

I had so much fun with my husband. This is my version of glamping right here, Folks. The water licking the shore all night, now that was my favorite.

There were no children involved in this weekend.

Because every lake cabin absolutely must have striped berber carpeting and chenille blankets. It's a requirement. And the bouncy mattress and starfish soaps. I was in love with this cabin.

We will be back. Plus 4. Can't wait!

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