July 3, 2012

Somethin' 'Bout A Pair of Boots

So, just the other day I posted about some things I've had my eyeballs peeled for, in terms of fashion for the upcoming fall.

Sorry. That sentence was very poorly constructed considering I was an English major. After I was pre-med. I'm going to blame it on aging. Thanks for playing!

Husband and I decided to stop at the new RCC in town. For those of you who have never been to RCC, it's a country/western store that will make your skirt fly up. Well, if you're me. We went looking for something to wear to our upcoming concerts this year.

Brad Paisley
Poison & Def Leppard
Eric Church

Right. Out of our minds excited.

One of the things I posted about was a pair of cowboy boots. I've been lusting over a pair of tan Lucchese 1883 boots for more than a year. But considering they cost almost as much as a car payment, I could never pull the trigger. Sure, they are handmade. Sure, I could save up. Sure, I have the softest of soft spots for shoes, but I couldn't do it. And also, our RCC doesn't carry Lucchese in women's.

When we'd walked into the enormous store, Bryon and Hayley split left and I went right. I quickly glanced down the rows of pretty, pretty boots. I saw the most beautiful thing on the bottom shelf. [Because girls with big feet always find their shoes on the bottom shelf.]

A pair of Old West tan Canyon boots in a size 9.5.  Less than a THIRD of the cost of the Lucchese boots, too. I put them on. The leather was so soft. They fit, but the toe and the heel were snug. By that time, Salesman Billy spotted me and wandered over. With his help, I found the last pair of 10s in the store. They fit like buttah. The FELT like buttah.

Billy encouraged me to walk around for a while, to see if I really liked them. Boot-buyin' is serious business, you know. I figured I'd better go show my husband. I really didn't intend to buy any boots that day because we were off to pick out a shiny new toilet for the kids' bathroom instead. But still, they looked pretty sexy so I'd might as well go show off the hotness that he married.

He smiled when he saw me walk up all giggly and whirly and silly.

I pointed my toe and posed.

I wore the boots for a few minutes while Bryon looked around. Every once and a while he'd glance back at me and a smile played on his mouth. "I'm just making sure I like them," I said. I knew I should probably take them off of my feet, but... like buttah, Peeps. Luxurious. Sexy. I didn't want my try-on session to end yet.

So while Bryon was still looking around, I'd given Billy my name and asked him to hold the boots for me. Once we'd settled on a new toilet and figured out the rest of the budget, maybe we could come back [wife-thinking]. 

Bryon overheard this conversation. I looked at my husband and smiled because while I certainly LOVED the boots, I respected his opinion and our budget more. "I'll wait. Let's go get the toilet," I said. "Maybe we'll come back later." I finally took off the beautiful brown boots and handed them to him.

As I put my flip flops back on, my husband handed the boots to Billy. "We'll take them," he said. My husband WHO NEVER BUYS A DANG THING WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT ELEVENTY TIMES bought me a pair of cowboy boots.

Just like that.

I wore those boots for the rest of the day, and into the night. I wore them to Menard's (where we found our toilet) and to the grocery store. I wore them in the backyard. I made plans to wear them 100 times more - especially with shorts, to our concerts.

Later that night, we laid in bed and tucked the quilts in around us. I thanked him again for his gift. And then I said, "Tell me something sweet so I can sleep."

After a few minutes of quiet thinking, he folded the corner of his pillow under to prop up his smile. And then he said, "I bought you cowboy boots today. They look great on you."

He smiled some more as he stared into my eyes. "I never impulse buy. Never."

[I had explained to him that a woman's calculated buy cannot be classified as an impulse buy because in that case, we are very, very certain and when we KNOW, we know - but he told me to shut up so that he could say this something sweet.] 

"I always look at things several times. But the way you looked when you walked up to me... the way the boots made you smile," he paused, "Those were the right boots. I wanted to get them for you."

So sweet. His chest puffs up all big and Jedi-strong when I brag on his gift, too.

Man I love me some Bryon Krutsch.

Well, and then there is the song. 

It's the song we heard for the first time while driving through North Dakota this winter. Holding hands, trying out the local country station, on a break from Christian radio. We listened to the lyrics with our eyeballs popping right, and then left, tick-tocking to decide if we liked what we heard. "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck" by Kip Moore. Kip Who?  Right.

But. Something stuck with our tick-tocking eyeballs. Something we couldn't shake. And so when it came on the radio over the next few weeks we turned it up and giggled. Maybe it's because we heard it for the first time together. Maybe it's because Husband is obsessed with some of the lyrics of the song. Whatever it is, we liked it. And Kip Moore is going to sing it to my boot-wearing self when he opens for Eric Church this fall. So there.

And also, I have been recently informed that his next gift to me will be a red sundress.


  1. These boots are made for walking!! You look great in them. Bless that great husband of yours.

  2. swoon! but aren't they cowGIRL boots?