July 23, 2012

The Girls' Room Is Growing Up A Bit...

Our girls are growing up. *SOB* 

While it's important to me that their little girl room says "little girl" I do think it's time to grow it up some. Just a tweak, here or there. Pictures and posters of their favorite things, a string of white lights perhaps, and I'm praying I find some vintage headboards soon for their twin beds. I have one on the loft in the garage (Moo's yellow one from our previous home), but I need a second for Hales. I also intend to paint them, but I am unsure how so just yet. This project is still swirling in my brains.

Lots of vintage, lots of the love inside of their little hearts - that's my inspiration. I want to concentrate on the things they love instead of trendy decor and matchy-matchy themes.

Here is some of my current inspiration. All images are Pinned.

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