July 5, 2012

A Thousand Words For Love

Months ago I found an image on Pinterest that sat with me. It sat and chewed. I absolutely adored the sentiment that I read (and still wish that Google could allow me to properly credit the author) and I resolved immediately to put it somewhere in our home.

Because truly, the way he sleeps when his body is touching mine is... gosh, one of God's greatest gifts to me. It's how I remember that he needs me for comfort, too.

On days that seem too crazy, on nights that he's stressed or full of human worry, he gets into the bed and rolls and flops. The quilts tremble and the pillows end up strewn everywhere. Even when he's halfway sleeping, he tosses and turns and frets.  ...until I touch him. If I lay my leg across his, if I wrap my arm around his chest and nestle into his yummy wolf fur, if I rub his back or kiss his shoulder, he is GONE. The snores happen within only moments. Oh yes, it's how I remember that he needs me for comfort and peace. And then? Oh.... and then he scoots and wiggles his comatose self closer to my body until we are touching from toes to nose almost. Ugh, I LOVE THAT.

Yes. This sentiment needed to surround us.

And so, on a recent weekend I went out into the garage to retrieve some leftover Eider White (Sherwin Williams Duration Home, for those interested). I also unpacked the small, wooden alphabet stamps I had stashed in my drawer waiting for a time when Bryon would be gone.

I eyeballed the spot where it would be painted and drew lines with a straight edge level. I did not use all of the lines and they were uneven, meaning some went further over to the left and others continued on more to the right. I decided to set myself up as best I could and then wait to see what happened when I touched the paint. Inspiration changes things, you know.

The other supplies used were two heavily damp (but not dripping) rags, a plate in case I needed something sturdy to push on, a large towel to protect the carpet (not pictured), and a glob of the Eider White paint on a plastic lid. I knew I did not want to use a brush on the stamps and I also knew that I'd need a very thin layer of paint on the letter portion of the rubber stamp, which is the reason I chose the lid. More of this below.

As I began practicing and working with these stamps, I noticed that the letter surface was not very deep on the rubber. Therefore, letters like 'e' and 'a' were too full of paint when I patted them into the paint on the lid. Even with the thinnest of paint layers, it was too much. I needed more control before I could stamp on my wall. And then it occurred to me to use my fingers. 

Instead of patting the stamp directly onto the paint on the lid, I tapped my index finger into the paint and rubbed it together with my thumb. That made the paint thinner and tackier. The result was perfect: just enough paint to cover the portion of the letter sticking out of the rubber pad.

This took time, Peeps. I didn't watch the clock, but it was easily 45 minutes. I made a ton of mistakes and just used the wet washcloth to wipe away the letter I wanted to erase. Once the letters had dried it was time to clean up the pencil lines. A mixture of toothpaste and water on cotton swabs worked perfectly. Using an eraser leaves even bigger, smeary marks, so this was a nice little resolution that I'd Googled before I started. 

I allowed the paint to dry another 30 minutes before using a warm wash cloth over the entire surface to remove any toothpaste residue. I was very careful not to rub the letters hard, though being wall paint, they should stand up to it when fully cured.

I still didn't wash it thoroughly, wanting to give it a week or so to cure. Probably doesn't take quite that long, but I had the time to wait, so I did.

Husband came in from mowing to change his clothes and shower. There, beside his pillow, was this little love note, written by someone else but from the heart nonetheless.

I love that he will see it every night before he goes to sleep.  Every morning when he wakes up. Whever he's ready to kick my bahookey. Or snuggle it.

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