July 19, 2012

Weddennessday (on Thursday)

With respect to the pink skirt from Target that I mentioned last week, um... things did not work out. We arrived at Target and located said skirt and the pink... Well, let's just say that my brain did not remember the hue of the pink correctly. It was more peach pink and less fuschia. So I walked away a second time. It was the right call.

I cannot heat avocado. According to the Latin chefs on Food Network, many people consider it a travesty to warm an avocado beyond room temperature. I have to say I agree with that. Something changes about the buttery consistency so that the fresh taste is gone. That may be fine for some, but I just can't bring myself to do it. You want to add avocado to pizza and pasta? Fine. Put it on at the end, yo. Just moi. Also speaking of avocado, the smear they're using at Subway is fantastic. Not overly flavored with fake ingredients. I'm sure there is a preservative in it (lemon juice?) but I can't really identify anything too artificial. Well worth the extra 75 cents.

I desperately need to find some planters for our succulents. They're not as happy as they could be, nicely planted. They are grouchy about watering and they are already growing and getting leggy, which is akin to them being smart-mouthed about where I try to sit them. In other words, one of my echiveras wants to jump off of the end table right. this. instant!  Kind of cute the way they sprout and grow. I've never had succulents before; I like how they are unusual.

Let's rap about shampoo for a sec. Mmm-kay? For more than a year I remained truly committed to Aquage Color Protecting Shampoo. When I went for my color correction a couple of months ago, I was out of shampoo. They didn't have Aquage in stock at the time, but recommended Aquage-made Biomega instead. I went to the website and checked it out, I sampled it. It seemed fine then, so I brought home a small bottle. The good news is, I am washing my hair less frequently than before (damaged and thirsty hair can extend another day without looking sticky, I've learned) so I've made that one bottle last this whole time. The bad news is, I hate it. Hate it. I don't care that it smells nice. I don't care that it says it is the more earth-friendly version of Aquage only because I hate it! I need to feel some lather when I scrub my head. This Biomega shampoo has zero lather. Like... none. Even if I wash twice, use more, use less, doesn't matter. Now, I realize that some shampoos have more than others, and that many of the harsher chemicals are what contribute to the lather in the first place. But apparently I have reached a point where I need just a little science.

We have reached a point in Da Plains where we are praying for rain. Actually praying for water to fall from the sky soon. If it doesn't, the crops of this great state are in jeopardy. Considering I love this great state and the food we make, I'd like to see this happen. Also considering we help feed the entire United States and then some, you want to see this happen, too. The corn is buning from the soil up, Peeps. It's sad to see. Pray with us please.

I bet I could fit all of the pop I drink into a single can each month. Did you know? Every now and then I'll take a swig of Bryon's Diet Mt. Dew, but I stick with lemonade or Gatorade for the most part. My belly is thanking me!

I am feeling the need soon to do some crafting for our girls. Not only do I want to update their room a bit, but I want to make them coverlets for their beds. Dig into the stash of vintage sheets that I have. Sit on the couch and do some handwork, which means something is getting embroidered. Right on. I'd also like to do a couple more lap blankets for couch cuddling. Same deal, different colors.

FRIENDS! Thank you for your prayers last week regarding a visit with Nana, while the kids are back east. Two nights ago I got a call that Shoes was on his way over! My mother was thrilled, beside herself with happiness. The kids cuddled and loved on her enough to make her smile last for weeks, I'm sure. I am quite thankful. God is good!  Just 10 days until we pick them up...

Last night, Husband and I were flipping through the television channels before bed. While I was searching for the next spot on the lineup to stop, a Hooters commercial came on. Girl after girl after girl talked about getting something 'big and juicy' and 'more than a mouthful' with their burgers, all while their tits flashed the cameras. It was obvious and suggestive. My mouth gaped open. I realize that this is the United States, and thank the Lord for free speech. But who in their right mind decided to go this far with advertising for that company? Perhaps I look at 'sex sells' differently now, but I do not appreciate the way my husband is inundated with imagery of nearly-naked women without his permission. I pray for his heart and his eyes EVERY day. It is hard being a Christian man, and reading For Women Only explained that better than anyone ever has to me. [We wives MUST pray for our husbands in this area!] So when I see a company outright POACH my husband's attention with the objectifying of women all in the name of selling food, well, you bet your ass I changed the channel. And now I'm blazing mad. I'm writing a letter to Hooters. Dude, I get the premise. I do, I do! If other dudes want to come to Hooters for more than a burger and wings, let them have at it. That is their right and yours to shove it in their faces - AND if you can hire young girls who think so little of themselves that they allow their bodies to be disrespected in such a way, well, that's their right, too. But do NOT slap your nasty, lust-busty food commercials in someone's face without their permission. I AM SO MAD!  SHAME ON THEM!

Just 9 days until we are 6 peeps again. GLORY.

Last night (after the Hooters incident and before nighty-night), Husband said to me that our marriage keeps him from a midlife crisis. Seems he likes how nauseated we make others. Aww, squee!

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