July 25, 2012


This week is chaos at our house. We are going to get the kids this weekend. Obviously everyone is excited! And I’m cleaning like the President is coming. Bryon is reorganizing the fridge and freezer to make room for the food that it takes to feed our herd. Hayley has been dutifully dusting. Kiki has been pacing, knowing that something is happening. There is more crazy coming, hours and hours worth of driving, and then a football weigh-in and pads for T, literally the moment we get back home. Booyah!

I finally stripped the bedding and quilts from the kids’ beds for washing (I wait until the last minute so that I can smell them while they are gone and yes I know this is cookoo), and remade them last night. I sat out all of the little goodies we’ve pick up for them this summer.

Husband and I spent last weekend out of town. For me to tell you that it was fun would be like me telling you that Jesus was nice. It just doesn’t do it justice at all. We took Friday off of work and drove to Omaha, NE. Bryon didn’t answer his phone the entire weekend. I will share more on our bucket list experience in a later post, okay?

Favorite bedtime indulgence: coffee ice cream with marshmallows, and a handful of salted almonds. Perfect for Golden Girls watching while the husband snores. Not perfect for my thighs, but we’re not going to talk about that today. [Starbucks coffee ice cream is by FAR my favorite.] And strangely enough, the espresso doesn’t keep me awake.

My succulents don’t look very succulent. They are growing like crazy and for a few weeks I thought they loved their new home. I have been diligently alternating sunlight for them, only watering once a week. Despite their growth, somn are lifeless. The bottom leaves of my echiveria turned yellow. When I studied up I found that I’ve been making mistakes: watering the rosettes of my echiveria, and watering too much, too often. I also learned that my “leggy” echiveria isn’t growing, it’s reaching out for sunlight. Boo. So sorry, sweet little plant. I will move you to the dining table, okay? Also perhaps I should not be drowning them in so much water each week. Eek! Wishing my horticulturalist hubby was more studied on cactus and less on grass, today. This is a learning experience for sure!

Our next door neighbors have four year old boy-girl twins. The twins play with Mabel every day and they have missed her this summer. Hayley is a great stand-in, but she doesn’t boss the boy around quite like his girlfriend Mabel. Also, she’s older and so (in their mind) not nearly as ornery and fun. I’ve lost my point – sorry. About twice a week for the past two weeks, they have knocked on our door with a handful of goodies from their garden: basil and cherry tomatoes. So amazing when homegrown! What sweet little people they are. Now I must make tomato soup with that basil!

Let’s end one more sentence in an exclamation point!

Okay, enough of that.

I’m feeling some serious creative juices flowing as of late. I have several things in mind: some embroidered throw pillows, coverlets for the kids’ beds, lap quilts for our living room. All of them a mix of vintage and brand new. I really need to start writing this stuff down… perhaps on our marathon car trip this weekend. 

I'd love some prayers sent our way for a safe trip there and back, and for a smooth transition at pickup time, Friends. If you please? Thank you!

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