August 24, 2012


Number 2 turned 10 this weekend. Big double digits now, yo.

With some Ninjago Legos (his favorite right now), a new wallet, and um…

this surprise, the kid was in HEAVEN.

Bryon spotted the full size amp in July and we talked with the music expert to make sure to select one that Andy could easily learn as a beginner. And then, we watched the sucker go on sale. It’s been hiding for weeks, just waiting for his birthday.   

Turns out that music expert is also a guitar teacher. Lessons will start again soon. And  yes, Dad may join him. Bryon gets all gookey at the sound of an electric guitar (do most boys, no matter their age, I wonder?) and if you want to know my personal opinion, Dad will have his own electric by Christmas. They can mirror one another then, which is a fantastic way to learn.

Andrew has grown so much in the past year and we are so very proud of him. He has his own favorite things, his own manner of speaking and processing everything, and his own sense of humor. I adore all of it, and I am in love with how unique Andy is. All the kids are, but Andy is a little weird, and he knows it.

He dresses up in anything to play or to get a laugh.

He is easy going and laid back, unless you leave him out or hurt his feelings. Even then, he’s over it in 2 minutes when he’s found something else to laugh about.

He loves science and art, but likes to get A’s in math and reading.

He learned to like tomatoes this year.

His favorite books are Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, he confessed to me recently that he read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series when nobody was watching. HA. Well, okay then!

More than anything, Andy wanted Hamburger Helper for his birthday again this year. It’s his favorite and reminds him of living with Nana.

His favorite cake is still yellow with chocolate frosting [just like mommy], which he helped me make this year.

His favorite spot to cuddle is in my side, burrowed down deep and covered in a quilt.

He loves motors and dirt and tools and gears and goes out of his mind every time Bryon takes him to work.

He calls Bryon “Dad” sometimes.

He collects everything.

He is bothered by very little.

He prays like it’s going out of style. After thanking Jesus for this day, the first thing Andy always prays is, “Thank you for my siblings.” I adore that. His heart is so, so big.

He is freckly. He is tiny. And I’m so proud he’s mine.

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