August 6, 2012

Happy Monday, Peeps!

What a blessed weekend we had. It really wasn’t anything in particular, except that all of our peeps were under one roof. That itself is an enormous blessing to this mama. We are so thankful.

There was lots of running around, errands, the pickup of a wrist coach for our football player. There was a great amount of wrestling and little legs flopping everywhere with giggles the likes of which I haven’t heard in more than two months. The boys are HAPPY to be HOME. They missed dad’s wrestling.  There was playing outside with the neighbor kids who have missed our troop.  

We also had Trevor’s best friend over to spend the night on Friday – and he went there with him on Saturday. I adore that kid; he is so polite and has a heart for Jesus. Just like Trevor he’s the oldest with brother and sister sibs. Praise God for good influences! And Andy has a play date scheduled with a new skateboarding friend this week (which should go nicely with his new Krown [is that a good brand, does anyone know?] skateboard.)

Mabel is settling back in at the babysitter’s house. Seems her lack of bossing over the past 2 months has set her back a bit, but she’s been quick to regain her position of In Charge Of The 4-Year Olds at Miss Barb’s house. Or she’s trying anyway. She did come home a bit bossier than she’s ever been, with a handful of attitude, and a lot of talking back. That’s not so hot in our household, no thank you very much. It will take a couple of weeks for my polite little girl to remember her manners, but I’m faithful she’ll get there.  She’s chirpy and sweet and tells me 100 times a day how much she missed me. And the kid wasn’t home 24 hours before she headbanded herself with something sparkly and crazied up her hair. Cute little punk.

On Saturday I broke the seal. I took all four kids to Target alone. I needed some sundry items and I wanted to look at back to school basics for all of them. Even Miss Moo has preschool this year, so new horse panties were in order, see. All of the children got undies and socks and layering pieces. And then we saw the boots. Hot pink, sequined (knock off) Ugg boots in exactly Hayley's size. She squealed. Mabel also squealed, but alas those boots were not to be found in size 12. Boo. Hayley grabbed up the last size 5 and shoved her feet inside. She gooed out on me right there on the floor. I had to make an executive decision, Folks. Somebody is going to wear hot pink, sequined boots on her first day of school! 

This morning I pulled my wedding rings out of the cleaner pot and brushed them off. They were crusted up with flour and egg mixture from last night’s dinner. My lovely neighbor invited me to go for a walk in the afternoon and that walk ended up being just over 3 miles. When I got back to the house it was empty; Bryon had taken the littles to Menard’s for … some boy stuff. After I showered I was filled with the spirit to cook and care for my family. Thus, I placed homemade-from-scratch fried chicken squarely on the dinner menu.

The paprika and curry married with the garlic powder in the air and in .003 seconds I was back our yellow and orange kitchen when I was little, helping Judy dredge her chicken breasts. I had to call her. I was all aproned up and covered in white fluff and it took two hours, Peeps. But I will tell you something: the look on the faces at the dinner table at 7:00 told me ‘well done.’  Homemade mashed potatoes and candied carrots beside [yeah, this was NOT a low-calorie meal if you were curious]. It felt wonderful to do. And smell. But I already said that. Whoo boy. And how is it that in almost 3 years, I haven’t made the Homeboy my mama’s fried chicken yet? Good thing I fixed that problem now.

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