August 14, 2012

Heading East

[I'm behind in documenting their return, so I hope you'll forgive this lost post, written weeks ago and then forgotten in the chaos.]

The kids stayed back East for 9 weeks this summer, a week longer than usual. We drove 12 hours to go pick them up because I often drive the high road and because I wanted to see my mommy. Can you blame me?


So, since we were in charge of our own last vacation as 2, the 'high road' was I90 through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and then down east.

Minnesota greets Wisconsin at the most gorgeous Mississippi River in a little town called La Crosse.

We made plans to come back to this place with our +4. So gorgeous.

And then we stopped at a gas station for vittles late in the night and came across this sign, which I took to be an indication that our friend Naser the Glazer had visited...

There was amazing music along the ride, as well as a great breakfast in Wisconsin (with relatively fantastic diner coffee if you'd asked me)...

And then I got sneaky. I always drive through Chicago because I LOVE to drive through Chicago. Give me 6 lanes of traffic and 55-mph drivers doing 80 any day. Oh yes, Sir! While driving through Chicago, I had preplanned an exit to "use the ladies room" at Madison Street. Know what's on Madison? The United Center, where the bronze statue of Michael Jordan is.  We were about 4 blocks down Madison before Bryon saw the first sign for the United Center and figured out my surprise.

He was stoked.

You the Man, Honey Dog.

The journey was long and so incredibly worth the enormous expense of gas and time.

We stayed at a cute little motel for $40 and did not get shanked in the parking lot. We enjoyed a dinner at Bar Louie that was OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD... and we chatted with Judith. Oh Judy, Judy, Judy.  It's been a year and it was so good to squeeze her. I took pictures of her whole new house and I can still smell her loveliness. We are all sorts of back to ourselves, my mommy and I.

On Saturday we came back +3. There was lots of hugging and kissing for all of us.

Especially between the kids and this guy. They LOVE him oodles. God gave us the biggest of big blessings when he brought Bryon into our lives. Andy was velcro.

And then a few hours in, Andy was comatose.

Lots of hours later, we arrived home. Where they slept in their own beds, got back on their own schedules, and settled back into life at home.

My heart is full again. The kids have sat on my lap and kissed and hugged me so many times - especially Trevor - it does a Mama good, let me tell you.

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