August 7, 2012

Lake Brandt, Visit Deux

As promised, we rushed the children up to Lake Brandt the moment we were 6 again.

Only an hour from home, but long enough to zone out on games and Neil Diamond. Okay, and some of Little Big Town's "Pontoon."

And then it was on like Donkey Kong. Almost 100 degrees, it was a race to the water!

And, here I give you the first full meal that I "cooked" for the kids. Considering we packed to go up to the lake in about 30 minutes, I'm shocked as shit that I pulled this off. It was perfectly unstructured and they DUG IT. They were so happy to be full of jelly and cervelat (that would be the anti PBJ-er, Andrew) that their eyeballs crossed.

I gave so many turns on the jet ski that I came away with FIVE blisters. And you know what? The most fun blisters I have ever earned. All of the kids loved it up and it was so fun to cut loose. 

This one told me I was wicked on a jet ski and asked me to take him over and over.

And someone very special decided she was going to be gutsy on this day. Last year, she wouldn't so much as touch a worm. On this day Miss Fancy Britches Phyllis decided it was time to overcome. Well, that and the fact that the worms had been sitting in 100 degrees for about an hour and were, um... tired. They weren't dead, but they were close. They didn't wiggle much, which ended up he perfect situation for initiation in worm touching.

She was so proud, she made me take her picture. Our Fisherwoman Phyllis.

And of course by the end of the day, they were pooped. And my arms were so tired and tight that I could barely reach into a cabinet for two days. Ahem.

Lake Brandt, Visit Deux was WAY more fun than visit 1.

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