August 2, 2012

On Omaha

The children are back and doing magnificently. Everyone is reacclimating well. I will have a more lengthy update on all of that over the next few days. But first, how's about we go to Omaha? Mmm-kay.

On a recent weekend, Bryon and I stole away to Omaha. We wanted a last weekend together, uninterrupted by work and children, to just have fun together and fall in love again. Because we do that alot.

Anyone need a break to vomit? Okay then, let's keep going.

We started the long weekend with breakfast at the local diner. So yummy, Folks.

And then it was ON.

Oh yes. The reason we chose Omaha to begin with had everything to do with Brad Paisley, Poison, and Def Leppard. They were performing at the annual Red Sky Music Festival.

It was hot, yo.  And HUMID. Holy crapola.


Folks, it was hot. It was 105 degrees outside that first night. So hot that the stadium staff were spraying hoses for people to run through to cool off. Not that I did that.

Once it was fully dark, Mr. Paisley hit the stage. So AHsome. And yes, I bawled like a baby during "Waiting On A Woman."

Saturday started bright and early, too, with the husband having planned a visit to his favorite nearby college football stadium. Huskers, yo!


And then it was prep time. For reals.

Different crowd on the second night of the Red Sky Music Festival, oh yes. More hair spray and high heels. And still, over 100 degrees. Saturday was our favorite night by far. And do you see how awesome my husband's longer beard is? Yummy.

Kiss Me Once, Lita!

Less than 3 minutes until the world stopped spinnning for a while.


I  thought my husband might pass out with coolness overload. I thought I was floating on a cloud. Bryon sang every word to me all night long and we danced - oh, we danced! Seriously our most favorite concert experience so far.

I liked them before, but I am a Def Leppard fan for life now.

I don't use the phrase "bucket list" often because I believe you must reach out and take what you want from life NOW instead of waiting for a special occassion. And perhaps it is because of that, that I dubbed this most definitely, a bucket list experience. It was not the spot-on, fantastically performed music by Def Leppard. It was not the mood or the heat, or the noise of the crowd. It was not my husband singing and shouting in my ear, with his hands on my hips as we stood only rows from the stage. It was alllllll of those things.

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