August 30, 2012

Things I Love: Anthropologie

One of the things my husband did for me in Omaha last month was take me to Anthropologie. As much as I adore that store, I’d never been to one. I’ve looked online plenty and drooled at their magazine each month, but I’d never set foot into that paradise. And who would want to without coming out with something, so… it just wasn’t a priority to me. Not to say that everything in that store is expensive, but there is saving up required if you’re going to buy current season clothing. So… not a priority. [Though, it’s ludicrous that I stalk JCrew and order on sales and coupons and have never thought to do the same thing with Anthro… why have I been so intimidated, I wonder?]  

But my darling husband takes that magazine out of our black mailbox every month and knows that I pore over it at bedtime for days and days. He oohs and aahs appropriately when I love something (as good husbands learn to do – that is PINK, you know) and shove it in his face. And my darling husband knew that there was an Anthropologie in Omaha. He started mentioning it ahead of time, “We could stop at the Anthropologie on Friday afternoon.” But I just thought – Dude, you do NOT want me to stop at Anthropologie on Friday afternoon. What husband takes his wife to spend a wad? Seriously. But Friday afternoon arrived and my husband put me in the car and we drove exactly there.

I was squealing before we were parked. It was nestled into the nicest little mall. I took a picture when I went in the door so that I’d never forget what it felt like. I felt like a little girl, so excited! Bryon walked in with me but after a few moments, he left me in peace and busied himself with boy stuff elsewhere. He left me to look, try on, whatever – with no limitations on time or spend. The store smelled and felt like a pretty, vintage magazine. It was styled so beautifully I couldn't stop smiling.

I have always been a little boho. Goes with the crazy hair, see. I wouldn't say that I really know what I’m doing when I style in that direction, with much more experience with crisp JCrew. [And my most fave would be to MIX the two styles – holy cow.] Why might I not have experience with that style, you ask? Did you ask? Well, let’s pretend that you did. I did have experience with boho – in high school. Peasant blouses, ripped and embroidered (by me) boyfriend jeans, Birkenstocks (thanks, Mom!), homemade, layered, and very eclectic. Thing is, I met my ex-husband when I was 19. What he seemed fond of when we met did not continue as our marriage lengthened. I did not feel comfortable anymore leaving the house in a dress with jeans, embroidered jeans, or a homemade shirt. I began to think that I “looked weird.”

And then we moved into a very affluent neighborhood where everyone begins to look the same and the pressure is crazy to do so, so… I changed. Slowly but surely, I did. Hell, I shopped at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor almost exclusively 10 years ago. I can’t go into either store now – not a single step. It’s not to say that those clothes aren’t beautiful – they are. But I was never fully comfortable, fully myself wearing them. And I can most definitely not wear them now.

I always felt that vintage or homemade clothing were also out of the question back then. Not so today, Peeps! Slowly but surely I've been coming back into my own. Certainly once I was alone again after my divorce, which I adore because God required me to thrift for clothes to begin with (in order to save $)  I fell back in love with vintage clothing.

And so while I walked through Anthropologie, I felt Home. Is that strange to say about a retail experience? Is that hokey? Well if it is, so be it. I was out of my mind overcome with grace and style and inspiration in that store. I took pictures of everything.

I felt WORTH IT while I stood on the white brick floor of the fancy dressing room. I marveled at all of the handmade details of the store itself, vowing to try somehow to sew muslin onto some of my hangers, or to wrap them in fabric. Because, if they make me smile – why the hell not? I felt beautiful, People. Every woman should have the kind of experience that I did once in her life at least. [Thought I'm sure everyone's Home would look different.]

I tried on dozens of things and brought home several. My husband never asked, never complained, never said anything more than, “You look so happy!”  The pieces I bought will be staples of my wardrobe and many of them, I plan to copy somehow. Almost all are layering pieces, which makes me super excited because I know that means I will wear the dickens out of them. And that, People, feels like home to me.

I was so inspired because much of the styling I see can be easily duplicated. I’d never thought to mix the fabrics and ensembles that they did, which is why I was so moved while I was in the store. A simple chambray shirt – the possibilities are insane. I could have bought one there (for $100, no thank you), but instead added it to my thrift store list. I’ll find a plain men’s chambray shirt and style it up. Florals are swirling around in my mind. Florals are something that I usually shy away from but simultaneously ADORE when they are paired with denim or graphics, like polka dots. When florals share the stage, I fall in love.

And Dear B: I couldn’t help but think of this moment when we were listening to Brad sing later that night. Just like precious Andy Griffith in his moving song, you’d ‘Waited on a Woman’ that day. You are the best, Husband. A real catch. I am forever in awe that I am blessed by your love for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me that time, that opportunity to RESTORE myself creatively. I love you.

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  1. ANTHROPOLOGY!! Holy cow- it rocks. Me too, me too, and me too. There is one in Houston and I have been in there to drool a few times.
    (that brown sweater-- *LOVE*!)