August 23, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

1. Oh, Boho. I adore everything about this picture. Every single thing.

2. Peach salsa and black bean tostada? I HAVE to try this!

3. Don't shoot me, but I think I have to try this, too. And I have been avoiding all of the trendy nail art for a year now! This one slayed me. Yellow tips? How cool is that?!

4. A new and miraculous term for me: BALAYAGE.

5. Favorite hairstyle picture (cut, not color).

6. This picture (I think it's a photo of a JCrew catalog, but I'm not certain) has inspired me in about eleventy ways. I have a tunic dress that I'm dying to combine with a skinny belt and button down.

7. Love this outfit. Those orange heels, OMGOSH.

8. Dear fiddle leaf fig, please PLEASE come to live at my house. My husband (with the green thumbs) has promised to care for you in a little basket pot, but first we must find one of your little friends at a local store. SOB.

9. Here you go. I present to you my fall/winter uniform this year. Boyfriend jeans, tight and colorful tissue turtleneck, and chunky glasses. I've been telling Bryon that new glasses frames are on my list (and thankfully covered by insurance) but he didn't know what 'chunky frames' meant. Upon seeing this picture, I'm not going to tell you what he thought of them - only that I still ADORE them.

10. Here is another version [courtesy of Anthro] of the paint-dipped wooden spoons that I've been posting and promising to copy for a year now. All white, which I just looooove. I do not love the price tag and cannot get over how easy it would be to buy a package of wooden spoons for cheap and then dip them. I guess it depends on the type of food safe paint, or sealant you put on top. MUST TRY.

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