August 29, 2012


There is just a ton to report this week.

Mabel hobbled up the stairs half asleep over the weekend. Her hair was electrified as usual and she had sleep crusties in her eyes. Miss Beautiful made it to the potty and crumpled herself down on top of it. I think she was sleeping and pottying all at once, see. Anyway, I left her alone and closed the door – walked off to take care of the next thing that needed me. Just a few minutes later, Bryon and I could hear Moo singing while she was tinkling. This isn’t unusual. However, she was singing a little something different on this morning. Daddy tilted his head and tick-tocked his eyes as he listened to her (4-year-old and therefore incorrect) version of the lyrics to “Hysteria,” by Def Leppard. Oh yes she was. Both of us grinned. It was awesome.

Phyllis is on the mend after her second UTI this year. Why is it that some little girls don’t grasp wiping logistics? I mean, apparently I need to draw a diagram for this child. We made up a song that makes her giggle (and more importantly, REMEMBER) but I am not going to share it here because it might draw the wrong crowd. Please help us pray for proper wiping technique. Jesus hears even the oddest requests, you know.

Trevor’s second football game was Monday. Just like last week, he played over 3 quarters of the game and just like last week, he had some great tackles. Bryon had to go back to work because a very important machine had a very big issue, so I took the other 3 alone and provided text updates throughout the game. And then it happened. I saw the pass. Hunter sent the ball 25 yards, high and arched through the air, and my kid – my little baby boy – was standing there, wide open and wearing his receiving gloves. He caught that ball nice and tight, right in the gut. And then he ran… 20 yards, like his life depended on it. His mama couldn’t breathe, let me tell you what. Andy, Hayley, and Mabel were cheering for him (Go, Trevor, go! Run, Trevor!! – THAT was awesome to hear.) And then came the text that I truly was sad to send (since he missed it in person) HOLY SHIT…  TOUCHDOWN, TREVOR COX! 

After Trev’s team won their game and we hauled the gear back to the car and high-fived his bestie Carter (for the other touchdown of the game), Trevor flipped out. He wanted my phone. Immediately. Made me SWEAR not to call him first. Over and over we had to dial because he was standing on top of a 1200 degree oven in the plant but eventually, he answered. “Bryon! We won!” he said. “And I got 2 touchdowns!” The boy and his stepdad were all boy gooey for a few minutes. The kid was on cloud nine. I can’t wait until next week!

Two Sundays ago, the Holy Spirit walloped me in church. The kids were being distracting, which is my #1 pet peeve in church service, but the Spirit still found me. The band led us through an old hymn that I sang for years at Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp. Fort Hill, where I came to the Lord and was dunked in the pool at night baptism by counselor Wes, in front of everyone. That hymn has carried me through so many of life’s messes and glories. I really do sing it all the time. I never thought I’d hear it again, quite honestly. I mean, outside of my own vehicle and shower stall.

I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice to worship you.
Oh my soul, rejoice!
Take joy, my king, in what you hear.
Make it a sweet, sweet song to your ear.

But right there in the second row at church, I sang that song again. Well, officially. And in the nights since it has become one of Mabel’s favorite bedtime songs. Amazing to me.

Speaking of Mabel and music, Mabel loves Mandisa’s “Good Morning Song.” KLOVE plays it around the same time every morning and Mabel wiggles and dances around in her carseat, just singing away. The song is about waking up on faith each morning, excited to see what joy God has to offer on a brand new day. I am so grateful for the goodness I can find on the radio. Good in = good out.

And more music… LifeLight is this weekend! Our company is not doing the sponsor tent this year, however, the festivities will carry on as usual. Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Skillet, Mandisa, and Tenth Avenue North are just some of the bands coming this year. The kids are all looking forward to going again. Three hundred thousand people gathered to worship Jesus in an alfalfa field under the gloriously large and blue skies of Da Plains? Oh, you betcha!

Is it just me or has half of this post been about Mabel’s mouth singing something? Hmmm. 

The girls start gymnastics again this Saturday, which is immediately followed by the first Nebraska football game of the year. Boy howdy, there will be chili. Well, maybe. Depends on if it’s still 100 degrees outside. End of August and still 100 degrees here in Da Plains. Oy. If it’s that hot, maybe we’ll do finger foods. That ought to allow Bryon and Andrew to have both hands free to high five every ten seconds. Oy (again).

And Dear B: Thank you for working so hard for our family. Thank you for collapsing into my arms after a treacherous 23 1/2 hour day yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to apply myself all velcro-like to your body and for kissing me goodnight like you still could make sense of the world. When I woke up about 2 hours later, we were still embraced in a kiss, with foreheads, noses and lips touching, and breathing in unison. Your arm was tightly around me and everything was still touching, all the way down to your tired long toes. How amazing is that?!  

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