September 10, 2012


Today I’m green.

A little yellow.

Fiery red.

Loving pink.

Bruised and hurt purple.

This weekend was rough. It was a doozy in ways that I’m not ready to talk about really, but they are amazingly good and deep and real. I am blogging this so that I remember it; it may make absolutely no sense to anyone and I’m okay with that.

It was brutal. And awesome. It was the hand of God Almighty, knocking us down and then picking us back up.  

Pushing to climax some issues under the surface with an ostrich nobody saw coming. Freaking ugly assed birds, ostriches.

Why do we have to come close to losing something to see its value? (Even if we think we don’t need that lesson.)

Why don’t people fight harder for each other? Today I am reminded that I have a responsibility to FIGHT for the people I love in my life.

This weekend was a testament in how our Lord Jesus Christ turns a mess into something beautiful, how he weaves things together for His good and His glory. At the end you are so thankful for your wounds. And you remember to love like Jesus does. And then you beg Him to help you remember this weekend forever.

And dancing under the stars so much that the dew soaks through your socks, that is pretty awesome right there. Starting a fire at 1am and doing shots with your husband in the middle of the night – more awesome.

I am thankful today. I am all mixed up and full of emotion, but the greatest of those is THANKFUL.

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