September 25, 2012

Our First Family Vacation, Day 1

We stopped in Chamberlain on the Missouri, to skip rocks. Bryon found his dad in the water and Hayley overcame her fear of climbing down the riverbank.

We drove west, had awesome snacks (packed by the vacation super pro packer: MOI), and then got to the Badlands. The prairie dogs were waiting.

Wall Drug had a jackalope and photo props, and provided a photo of Chief Bryon that I think I'll see for the next 50 years.

After checking into our hotel, we drove to Mt. Rushmore for the lighting ceremony. It was their favorite. On our way home we asked each of them, and this nighttime visit to this beautiful national monument was their most favorite thing about the weekend. Mabel's favorite is George Washington.

80 during the day, and 40 at night.

Nobody argued. Everyone smiled. We had an amazing time. God truly blessed us with the extra patience needed to take 4 kids on a 10 hour car trip (think Griswold) without forgetting this was their first time seeing all of this beauty. We even made time for secret hanky panky. I call that a WONDERFUL vacation!

More later!

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  1. We had secret hanky panky on your nyc trip. The BEST!!