September 3, 2012

The Moo Hits Preschool

She picked out her first day of school clothes with Daddy. She selected her orange skirt and one of the vintage tops that we found a week or two ago. Be still my heart!

I looped a top pony in her hair and she picked up the backpack she's been petting for weeks (open the closet, pet pet pet, close the closet and wait some more).

Daddy asked her on the way, "Are you nervous?"

"Uh... NO! I'm excited. I am going to go make some new best friends."  Yeah, she's really not the nervous type. Not sure who she gets that from. Might also be the reason why she completely winged her way through the Sunday School's rendition of a song she's never heard of last Sunday, including the dance that went along with it. She didn't miss a step or a word. On stage. In front of over 100 people. Yeah. She wasn't the least bit nervous.

The night before, she sat on the couch beside me. She squirreled her skinny, little body into my left side and took my hand. [I often hold hands with my littles; it's this thing I've always done.] "Mama, I really missed you while I was gone."

I hugged and kissed her tiny nose.

"Mama, I want to tell you something." She looked into my eyes and crinkled her nose up. "Mama, you make me really happy," she said.

My heart exploded, just like that.

She didn't waste any time walking into the church where her new afternoon preschool is held. Much like my own when I was little - but that's another (very funny) story for another time.

It was cuteness overload. And I couldn't be more proud.

And no, I did not cry. Bryon might have teared up but if he did, he hid it well. I imagine he was thinking of how little time we have left before she's not nervous on her first day of college. Oh my. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!


  1. This girl is amazing! So strong and fearless! And so open about who she is! I love the way you speak of her :)