September 5, 2012


Just so you know, Trevor Allen is a football superSTAH. Last night, he tacked on another touchdown. A wicked awesome catch, right in the heart, followed by a beautiful 50-YARD touchdown. Dad and I were jumping – JUMPING – “Go, Trevor, go! Run! Keep going, T!!!” on the sidelines. About 20 yards in, he turned back to look behind him. The opposing side was closing in and that kid kicked it in and smoked it all the way to the end zone. The way he ran was lyrical. Beautiful. And that moment… that moment when Bryon looked at me after. Oh my. That was pride right there. Mighty, mighty, given by Lord Jesus above proud. We were both teary eyed. And Trevor? Trevor was chest bumping his peeps in the end zone. Again. He’s sort of the top scoring player right now. Only 3 games in of course, but still. SuperSTAH.

I feel so incredibly behind lately. I just feel like I’m missing little things. Which is why I have no photos of Trevor’s actual touchdown – because my eyes were watching instead. Will I ever catch up?

Mabel played with a belly virus on Sunday. Which sort of eliminated attending LifeLight. But that's okay. She thanked me and Jesus for making her all better by bedtime. Well, okay then.

Andrew's new favorite thing to do is practice ab lifts with Bryon. It's bizarre, but they enjoy it. Whatever. Boys!

I am feeling a manifesto coming for my children. I wonder if I’ll ever get around to doing it, but I’m writing it in my head. It’s a combination of mediums that will most certainly include music, sort of an anthem representing my love for each of them. It will take a while. Maybe I’ll only ever write it in my heart and in my head… but it’s on its way. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Man, I love where I live. 

And I love who I live this life with. And who I live it IN. 

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  1. Very nice pics Rachel! Ya'll look so happy. I was wondering if you're still collecting blankets/quilts for Mountain Babies? Thanks, Elaine