September 12, 2012


I can now say that a uterus has made an appearance on this blog. While frequently mentioned, never a visual.  This particular uterus was a treat at Hayley's recent Dr. appointment. I HAD to take a picture. I mean, it was a plastic uterus. With fallopians! And yes, I sent it straight to Mindy.

Andrew received a shiny new air soft gun this week, to practice with. Trevor is old enough to attend the required hunter's safety course here in Da Plains before hunting season begins. Andy will walk alongside Bryon and The Boys, scaring all of the pheasants up out of the corn with his usual loudness. Bryon's planning to pack cervelat sandwiches and Snickers bars. (Don't ask me; it's a Krutsch thing.) The kids are geeked up.  Not as geeked as Bryon, though.

The girls are loving gymnastics. Mabel did a handstand into a bridge the other night in the living room by accident. It's a shame Hayley's been working on that for 6 months. I suppose that's little sisters for you.

It's been new shoe week and I am not ashamed. 3 pairs of old heels went into the GARBAGE they were so destroyed. Couldn't even donate, they were so bad. On the good side a) new shoes were in Bryon's wedding vows, bless his heart, and b) he told me that flats don't do me justice. "You look like YOU with your new heels," he said. Be still my soul.

Only a couple of weeks until Grey's Anatomy, yo!

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