September 19, 2012


Husband bought me flowers this week. The pink rose buds were the largest I've ever seen!

Did you know it’s scientifically proven that avocados naturally release endorphins in the body? I heard it on the news the other day. There you go. Another explanation as to why I’m so dang happy all the time.

It happened again. The elusive pink skirt. Mabel and I went browsing through the mall a few weeks ago. She tried on shoes and I tried on a pink skirt at The Limited. Highwaisted pencil, in fuchsia. Oh yes, I said fuchsia. [Did you know that I misspell fuchsia every stinking time I type it? True. Just keeping it honest.] I adored that skirt but I did not buy it. Since then, it’s haunted me. Every time I see ‘bold and bright’ marketing for this fall’s trends, I hiked my leg up and kicked myself in the ass. Do you remember the last time this happened, and it was a pink skirt found at Target for $8 and I hallucinated that it was more fuchia and less melon and dang if I didn’t just do it again. FUCHSIA. There. Whew. Well, all of this to say that the perfect pink skirt has eluded me since what, June? Right. So today I noticed that The Limited has a sale going on – buy any pant, skirt, or jacket and get another for free. I love their sales. I decided to tell them so by ordering this highwaisted fuchsia pencil [aren’t you all impressed I got it right that time] and getting a pair of paisley printed trousers for free. Take that!

Have you been to  If not, go. Get lost. You’ll be there hours. I have her book and I can only handle the awesomeness a few pages at a time; it is overload!. She is ah-mazing.

Ostriches are the ugliest birds.

Can y’all send my Lulu some prayers? She and her husband have been moved to open their home to children of all abilities and are fostering a sibling group right now. This is new and big and an outright shove from God on their hearts, which I fully admit being jealous of. They are pretty awesome. Their home of 11 needs more blessing. Friends, could you please join me in prayer for their efforts, for validation and love for Lulu as a stay at home mama, and for security and leadership for daddy?  Thank you.

We are taking a family vacation this weekend. It will be short but amazing. The kids will finally see the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and hopefully, the northern lights! We’ll be stacking them high in the hotel room (not that we’ll be there much), and could certainly use your prayers for the driving and keeping our sanity among the ‘he touched me!’ and the ‘WOW look at THAT’ distractions along the way. I am planning to take my Decorate book and make some home decorating notes during the drive. That, and keeping a camera glued to my face.

I’m not going to lie. I’m kind of looking forward to picking out Minnetonka moccasins for my little girls. Bring it, South Dakota!

I’m having a hard time in some social circles right now. I actually had to temporarily unfriend some peeps due to political ranting. And I’m not delusional. The reason I don’t want to hear what they have to say is because I don’t agree with it, and can’t bit my tongue effectively. They have a right to their opinions. They do not have a right to takeover Facebook or conversations, or anything else aggressively. No thank you. Get on a government chat board, please.

Must. Schedule. Sushi night soon!