October 5, 2012

Because I'm a Smarty Pants: Anthro For Less

So while we were in Omaha, I tried on a pair of Stevie jeans at Anthropologie - just for fun. Because they were $178. Go ahead and gasp; I did. Gray polka dot, cropped at the ankles. Totally adorable but entirely out of my reach. 

I sort of tucked the idea of polka dot or patterned jeans back into my brain somewhere and went on about things.

Until last weekend when I was perusing Target as most moms do, totally looking for nothing and everything all at once. You know the vortex of Target, so I doubt I need to explain. I was thinking of Natalie Holbrook and how she lucks out at Target and Forever21 all the time with knock offs (lucky Nat!) when suddenly, I came face to face with one myself.

Xhilaration polka dot jeans in gray, for $22. Junior sizing so it was a bit wacky (so not even going to tell you what size I wear in juniors, but if you go looking for these, be prepared). I tried them on, doubtful that they would even hug and fit the mom curves I have. The ass that has dropped, you know.

Much to my surprise, the skies opened up and the angels sang.

I would say a savings of $156 is damn good, no?  Turns out that I was a total smarty pants. Ha!

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  1. Totally cute! I have a thing for Lands End clothes, but cannot justify some of their prices (eventhough they are not even close to the exorbitant Anthro prices). I usually buy a piece from Land's End and then search for economical like pieces elsewhere. It's such a rush when you find the perfect piece at an even MORE perfect price! Congrats!