October 1, 2012

Our First Family Vacation, Day 2

We began day 2 at the Norwegian Chapel In The Hills in Rapid City. The kids adored the church and it was surreal to stand with them inside the little wooden sactuary. The prayer walk was different this time around, with little people underfoot.

Spearfish Canyon was already changing colors. So, so amazing. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the joy on this great Earth!

Again we left the path when we found Bridal Veil Falls, and encouraged the kids across the small creek that leads back to the waterfall. One by one they crossed, jumping rocks like I did as a child in Adams County. The boys helped Hayley across and she beamed when she was on the other side. Mabel was ready to take it in 3 leaps. And the waterfall. Wow. It was spectacular.

The wild chipmunks were an unexpected surprise that Moo found when we got out to take in the mountains, just past Harney Peak. What started as her placing a burnt peanut candy on the ground ended in handfed chipmunks. Mabel did it first (of course, as if it were nothing at all whatsoever, not even a flinch) and eventually all but Hayley had them eating out of their hands. Darling little critters.

Needles Highway and Sylvan Lake are on our list to do again, as is Custer State Park. The burrows were my favorite. 

Turns out there is a honeybadger in Hill City. He didn't give a shit.

And finally, the mountains in Keystone. And my gorgeous husband standing atop them in commune with his creator God.

It was a GREAT vacation. One that wasn't planned until days before. Totally worth it.  

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  1. Ok, I totally blew tea out my nose on the honey badger comment! Ha!