October 26, 2012

Our Petite Elite

[hot pink and orange outfit is the Moo]

We love our gymnastics studio. It’s massive and run by amazing people. There are recreational classes available on one side of the gym and advanced training on the other. There are dozens of rec classes that match all levels of talent, for toddlers through adults. The studio does skill testing every couple of months so that the kids are constantly having fun and learning new things. Once they accomplish all of the skills available in one class, they advance to the next one.

Hayley’s Advanced 1 class has 40 items to achieve. Since her last evaluation she has learned 5 new moves and only has a few left until she can move up to the next class. We are so proud of her!

Mabel’s Big Dipper class has 26 items to achieve. Since her last evaluation she has earned the remainder of her moves and was graduated from the Big Dipper class. In addition, she was invited to leave the recreational program and join the advanced gymnastics program, called Petite Elite. This means she showed a different sort of talent than the girls there for fun and socialization; she showed some hardcore gymnast talent.  

Petite Elite has girls of all ages who show remarkable skill, strength, and attitude. These are the girls who learn it all and compete on the beam, bars, vaults, and in floor routines. In order to be invited into Petite Elite, she had to show a list of skills, including a perfect handstand, bridge, splits, linear cartwheel, chin up on the bar - held in plank for 30 seconds, backroll to pike position, and stand on her toes for 30 seconds without so much as a squiggle – and she nailed every stinking thing. By the spring, she will probably be flipping through the house, end on end, MaryLou Retton style. We are so proud of the Moo Moo and cannot wait to see where this sport leads her!

I have no expectation of Mabel competing in the Olympics, but if she loves it and continues having fun, I’m thrilled for her. That’s what it’s all about. And boy oh boy, is she ever excited!

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