October 2, 2012


You know, Eric Church got his idea for the famous cap and aviators from my wickedly handsome husband. Totally did.

Mercy. Wickedly handsome!

So I tried something new with my hair before our concert. It looked fab when we arrived, but it fell completely by the end of the night. Totally worth it because I felt fantastic and it was an amazing night. Next time, more hairspray? [Husband told me after that I gave him whirlies; that sealed the deal on the hair.]

Kip Moore and Justin Moore were good. But Eric, oh my. Eric Church might be our new favorite. That man can saaang. He's a little Brad and a little Kid Rock, and little goofy, too. Human. A fantastic songwriter. Made both of us tear up a few times with the words to his music.

Music just does that to us. And so we stood there, screaming and shouting so much that I literally lost my voice for days. My husband's strong Jedi arm around my waist - that was a favorite part of mine.

As for Eric Church, any man that has a banjo in his band is tops in my book. Man I LOVE me a banjo. That bluegrass rock vibe is my very most favorite in all the whole world. It makes my kneecaps bounce and my eyes gloss.

And the dude had pyrotechnics. Whoa.

While Eric sang his set in Iowa that night, he told us that he loves playing for this part of the country more than anywhere else because we are 'rowdy as hell without even trying.' Apparently he spends hours trying to get a crowd goosed up and ready to party and we just... show up, ready to go. Well, duh, Eric. Welcome to Da Plains, my friend. If he'd stayed much longer someone would have taken him home to hunt pheasant for their momma. That's just how we roll around these parts.

He saved Springsteen for his second encore. We taped part of it for the girls because they love the 'whoa, whoa, whoa' song. It was overwhelming, the spirit in the place. And when he broke into 'baby we were born to run' I thought my husband might sob right there. I know I did a little.

 It was suuuuuch a great night. Thanks, Baby.

And the hair? Let's just say that the next morning it looked like I'd had fun.

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  1. I will have to listen! Have you heard Mumford and Sons, or Old Crow Medicine Show? I love me some banjo too! You guys are such a great example, in every way!