October 3, 2012


Yo, Peeps. How’s it?

This week I earned myself a sinus infection and walking pneumonia. Cool, huh? I couldn't speak for days [Eric Church took what was left, you know] and my husband had to both take care of me AND play Mr. Mom. He was fantastic and I love him and smoosh him and want to cuddle him for always! 

So on Tuesday, I wore a new favorite outfit. Comfy jeans (that make my ass look ‘slammin’ – says Bryon) with a long, white Anthro tank, snakeskin heels (which are really just printed leather but I’m going with it), and a camo jacket. I even had great hair because I started using Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo, a new ‘holy grail’ product. Excellent day, Kids. Excellent day.

So about this Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo – first, let me tell you that I’m not in any way compensated for any review I provide on my blog. I do it only because I have a big mouth. That, and I can’t figure out how to get the ads working on Blogger anyway. So I love this stuff. I read about it no fewer than 11 places online from hair care professionals and the like and found it at my Target for $2.74. Seriously. I tried a big-brand-name dry shampoo once and detested the gritty, cakey-ness of it. But, for less than $3 I was willing to try it again, just to encourage the health of my cool, brown locks. Right. So this stuff rocks. There is zero residue, no white cast, no grit or cake – nothing. It even adds some shine! The trick is in the application and when – for example, you apply BEFORE the second day and then massage it into your scalp like crazy. I like to do it at night. Bryon may or may not like the grapefruit smell in the bedroom but he hasn’t objected, so there you are. Doubt he notices as I’m knocking his boots. Sorry, what was I saying? Yes. In the morning there is zero oil and tons of volume. A la Victoria’s Secret bedhead. I strongly recommend the combination of dry shampoo and boot knocking with your spouse if you’re going for voluminous locks. Just sayin’.

Mabel went on her first field trip this week with preschool. To say the child was excited is a very large understatement. Very large. She wore her preschool tee-shirt (a gift from her amazing teacher) and pigtails in her hair (pigs not polar bears), but insisted on sandals instead of tennies. The letter for this week is “P” and so, they are going to the pumpkin patch. I’m hoping the teacher will send home some photos. My mother in law and I took the kids to this same patch (which is also an apple order that produces delicious honeycrisps this time of year) last Halloween. So. First fieldtrip and oh boy, was she trippin’.

Speaking of honeycrisp apples, they are our favorite. Especially yummo with a wedge of cheddar cheese for breakfast.

I should tell you that I spent an embarrassing amount of time the other day just wandering through Etsy, checking out my favorite shops, and twitterpating with excitement. Over and over I am inspired by Etsy, sometimes to buy and sometimes to create on my own. There will be sewing soon. [Lawsie, it’s been forever!] Maybe some painting. I hope to write an Etsy post soon to share all of this twitterpating.

October is here, yo. I ADORE October. It’s soup-making and sweater/boot combo wearing, scarf crocheting, and football playing. It’s the month where Da Plains can’t figure out if it should be 85 degrees (as it is today) or 45 degrees (predicted for next week). The leaves catch fire on the trees before hitting the ground and Kiki starts sleeping more. I haul out the extra quilts and this year, we’ll turn on the fireplace in the evenings. Pumpkie pie, here we come.

October is also the month when my mommy used to visit us in Da Plains. Except now she cannot fly and having used our vacation time up already to take the high road and go get the kids this summer, we cannot visit back again for a while. She came the first October when we’d just moved into our very own place here, and she came the second October when I’d just bought my small town house. October is Judy for some reason to me, and I miss her an awful lot.


So Trevor has earned the privilege of borrowing one of our iPods for music listening and games on the weekends. He’s older and he’s earned it. However, I’ve parental-controlled the crap out of that thing – there is no internet, no downloading, no Facetime, nada. Just basically an mp3 player with games at this point, which he likes just fine. Or, he agreed to just fine anyway. Thing is, Trevor took it upon himself to put a passcode on the iPod to keep Andrew out of it. When it was time for me to sync it, I didn’t have the passcode and I didn’t know that iPods lock your ass out if you guess wrong more than 5 times. So, I also recently learned how to restore an iPod back to factory settings (which also erases everything). That was two hours of my life I won’t get back. Avoid the passcode, Peeps!

Andrew’s hair has reached wicked proportion. He has Disney Channel hair. You know, all wavy and flippy around the edges? Cute little punk. It’s time for a trim though, I’m sure.

Today I found my smile and wave. And the ostrich’s eyes bugged right out of her head. “Hello, I see you!”  

Football is nearing its end for Trev. He has another playoff game and then will finish in the university's dome, just like last year. I was sick for this past weekend's game, but Bryon texted me the play by play. It went basically like this: 'blah blah football jargon idon'tunderstand, blah blah score, TREVOR JUST RAN IN A TOUCHDOWN!!!!, blah blah we won!' I was sad to have missed it, but I was glad Bryon and Andrew were there to root him on. #83 is sort of kicking ass this year, yo. So proud of him.

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