October 10, 2012


Do you notice the hard K?  You text a friend that you can’t make it for the BBQ, or that you’ll be late picking up your pumpkins and they text you back “ K “ and... that’s it? Not “ok” but just “ K. “ It’s ominous, People. Bryon and I noticed this years ago, when a friend began ending every text string with a hard K. The friend was upset and the tone he sent in those emails was chilly. In the time since (from time to time, not like we’re big assholes or anything) we’ve noticed it over and over. It must be a universal thing?

It’s not like we’re assholes or anything. Ha. Made myself laugh out loud at that one.

This morning, Mabel had a shoe-tying lesson from daddy. She got new tennies last weekend to keep the cold out and they have laces. It’s a fine time to learn; girlfriend will be in kindergarten next year. Shoe-tying is something that is practiced at preschool as well, but it’s time for us to take matters into our own hands. She is #4. That means #s 1, 2, and 3 are finished and out the door before she’s even got the new hot pink and gray kicks on her feeties. Oh sure, they go back in and help her if we ask, but usually she’s left to sit at the bottom of the steps struggling. No mas. So. Lessons are on like donkey kong.

Also this morning, I was at work early and met with two engineers over some complex material I am purchasing for their project. Both in their 30’s, one a new father, and the other a forever bachelor. I walked in and stood in their doorway, and they both smiled at me. Not in a polite way, but in a sneering way. The new father took the liberty of pointing out my jeans, blue dress, red heels, and camo jacket as if it were a costume instead of workwear. He asked me if I got dressed in the dark. The idiot bachelor laughed along because that's what you do when you haven't secured a wife by the time you're almost 40. I simply smiled and reminded them that it was boring to look like everyone else, and walked away.

I keep the volume low when I listen to my iPod at my desk. Unfortunately, whenever ‘Super Trooper’ comes on (ABBA, People) my feet do a dance. I can’t help it. And then I close my eyes and imagine I’m dancing and singing in my living room with the kids, who ADORE Mama Mia. And that most definitely includes Trevor. [Please, God, give him the guts to audition for just. one. musical. Just one! Because then the bug will bite him! Ahem. Amen.]

Is anyone surprised that I was a musical theater junkie in high school? Yeah, I thought not. Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, West Side Story, and Phantom of the Opera to be specific. Wasn’t anything better than the spotlight in my face and the choir beside me, let me tell ya. Zero nerves. Le Sigh. Go ahead and say it, WHO GAVE THAT WOMAN AN AMP?

I have two littles who seem a bit interested in musical theater, too: Trevor and Hayley. Hayley is scared out of her gourd to perform in public, so I don’t see this going anywhere but our living room, but Trevor is an entirely different story. He has the confidence and the charisma, but he’s nervous about the stigmas associated with male performers. I have explained to him that our theater director enlisted the help of our entire high school football team for our productions, and their participation packed the freaking house! Everyone wanted to see the macho football players come and sing it out to ‘Greased Lightning.’ We’ll see what happens as he grows up, but I have my fingers crossed.  

This is week two of Suave Dry Shampoo and I am still in love with it. So, so in love. Really. In addition to doing its job, it also mixes beautifully with the leave-in conditioner I’m using (Kerastase) and effectively ‘holds’ whatever it is that I do with my hair. For days. DAYS, People. So, if I straighten my hair on Monday, it’s still stick straight (and soft, and smooth, and looking clean) on Thursday. Very touchable. Say I washed on Monday and curled my hair. I would apply the dry shampoo that night before bed at the roots and massage like ca-razy. Those waves would still be there on Thursday. I’m telling you, this shit is the bomb. DA BOMB.

Yo, a brand new season of Duck Dynasty starts this week in case you were waiting on me to tell you to set your DVR. My brother-in-law texted my husband to make sure we were ready. Between this, American Hoggers, and Swamp People, I feel tremendously connected with the hunting sort. As in, I might try me some shootin’ this year. I was dang good with a .22 before (yes, please look impressed). That one time when I wore heels to shoot, remember? Right.

I have a hair appointment coming up. I am very hopeful. The gal will be using the exact same formulation of all-over Wella color that she did several weeks ago. I’m going to freshen up because the lighter blonde strands are finally showing through faded color.

Grey’s Anatomy… sigh. So, so good. The vanilla cappuccino I splurged on this morning was not.

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