October 24, 2012


[Kiki does not approve of playing the patient. In case you're curious.]

Last Saturday I dropped Moo off at gymnastics, kissed her and pinched her bahookey, and then rushed to the tanning place. It’s this thing I do on Saturdays, called ALONE TIME. It only lasts about 40 minutes and turns out, that’s about all the alone time this mama needs really. So, first I tan in the bed [yes, I know, I know] and then I spray tan. There is a radio in all of the beds, which I always turn onto KLOVE just to pipe some Jesus into the place all loud and preachy-like. But on Saturday as I undressed completely to lie down in the bed, I noticed that one of my favorite songs [you may have heard me talk about it: Ho Hey!] was blasting throughout the place. Well. I had to get my dance on right there in my private tanning room. I turned it up and did the running man and crazy, flailing bluegrass hands. Naked. And then I kicked when should have… not, and I kicked the damn tanning bed and collapsed in pain on the floor. Naked with a throbbing right ring toe. Only to me, Peeps. This shit only happens to me.

A dozen of our work friends are heading to Ethiopia and Uganda next week to see their sponsored children. I’m praying for their safe travels, security while within these countries, and for the Lord to take hold of their tongues while they are there. May they share the good news! Bryon and I wanted so badly to go when the program started years ago, but circumstances surrounding the vacation time requirement and other work politics have deemed it the wrong choice for our family right now. Hopefully the program will still be strong in a few years when the timing can shake out.

I did not sew this weekend. I did paint, though the project was not a success. I set out to paint a large, pink heart above our bed, all wonky-like on purpose. Unfortunately, it looked better on Pinterest than it did on the wall in my bedroom. It just wasn’t doing it for me, so I painted over it. In two hours it looked like I hadn’t done a thing and I went back to feeling a little useless. Meh. I have a few other ideas on what we can put over our headboard, but I need time to brew on them.

I did clean the house this weekend. That felt good. When I was done and had lit my Autumn Wreath Yankee candle, I flipped on the tube and found… all of my DVRd programs had been erased. That did not feel good. Apparently we forgot to reset Swamp People and it recorded all 20 episodes of a swamp-athon, which erased all of my movies, favorite Grey’s episodes, and the Modern Family I hadn’t watched yet.

Oh, Weather. I do not like you this week, no I do not. Please could you either pick to be warm for a while longer (such as almost 80 multiple times last week) or just make the jump to cooler (such as 40 degrees the rest of this week)?  My nasal cavities cannot stand the up-downing anymore. The radio weatherman said that there would be snow flurries tonight and I’m not sure what I think about that. On the one hand: SNOW. Oh hello, Lover.  On the other, I would prefer the kids not wear winter coats and traipse through 12” to trick-or-treat next week. But, we will see.

Our next date night has been scheduled. Dinner at our favorite place, followed by live music by our favorite band. They played at our wedding reception and maybe, just maybe, they might remember us and take a request. Definitely, Into The Mystic.

The boys went to a counseling appointment this week. They seem to really like the gal (she’s a child psychologist, but they like to call her ‘counselor’ instead because they are tween boys, yo) and she is GREAT with both of them. And so Mabel and I waited in the waiting room while each of them spilled out their guts or talked about school or whatever. She met with me briefly afterward and confirmed what we had suspected: everyone is GREAT. Well… excellent. Nobody is harboring hatred or resentment, nobody is unhappy either. The boys are happy, adjusted, and feel comfortable and loved in our home. Well, okay then. They’ll see her again when they ask to. That’s the thing about a great counselor; they are always there sort of waiting in the wings to chat about things.

Speaking of great, I would like to tell you all that my man-child is changing. He is growing and loving and oh my. He stops my heart. Trevor Allen has really grown into a wonderful, wonderful young man. This spring we noticed his attitude change and mature. It was never poor, but he really put forth effort into helping at home, he was more respectful with his words, and was much more considerate before leaving for the summer. Unfortunately, during this summer, Trev’s behavior took a dip. When he returned, he brought back some anger and disrespect with him. We knew he just needed some time to work things out in his heart. It only took a few weeks, a visit with a counselor, and just… surrounding him with love and friends and everyday life, and Trevor was back. In a big, blonde, smiley way. I know that going back and forth between divorced parents is hard for every child and that it can cause a variety of behavioral adjustment issues. However, it has become incredibly clear that this child is … HAPPY. He is really, really happy. He gets great grades, he has great friends who are good influences. He loves playing football and reading, and has found the right niche with his stepdad to bond about all sorts of things. He is NOT angry or disrespectful like he was over the summer and there have been zero angry outbursts. He’s earned privileges for his behavior, too, so he’s seeing the reward. He holds mom, hugs dad, and is generally fun to be around. He is helpful around the house (sometimes without being asked – what the heck is that?!), WANTS to help with Mabel and Hayley, and is even being nicer to Andrew. God’s got ahold of this boy’s heart and I am just in love with him. I’m so, so proud – maybe he’s been listening to me all along. Our love has seeped into his skull and he knows he’s safe and loved and taken care of. Hope you all will pardon me loving on him so hard today, but I just had to brag.

A neighbor of Bryon’s who is now a neighbor of ours texted me the other day, looking for some advice on Jesus. Seems she’s interested in seeking him out. I gave her some song recommendations, reminded her that He made her exactly the way she is, loves her despite herself, and died for her freedom. She’s been touching base now for a few days, taking a nibble at a time. Friends, would you pray that the Spirit continues to use me and everything else that it can to reach her heart for Jesus? Glory!

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