October 31, 2012


And so it is this week that our temperatures are back up again, and not at all bothered by that nasty hurricane Sandy. Judy, however, has battened down the hatches at her apartment and swears that everything looks like it’s going to blow away. They even closed the turnpike beside her due to high winds. That one made Bryon and I laugh. I wonder what they call ‘high winds’ back east?  We have 60+ mph winds on a regular basis out here, and I promise you, we close nothing. Sure a few semis might lay over onto their sides once in a while, but that’s rare. High Wind Warning? HA.

Anyway, I certainly hope all of you are safe and sound with your peeps and pets and waiting out the aftermath of this terrible storm. I Facebooked BeckAY yesterday to let her know that I was praying for her safety. I miss that girl.

We carved pumpkins this week for Halloween. It almost didn’t happen, on account of our crazy ass jobs and my distaste for Halloween. However, in a burst of ‘we should do something the kids will remember forever’, we stopped at Mabel’s preschool and purchased 4 large pumpkins. My $30 went toward their missions trip and those large pumpkins went into my trunk. Bryon helped me pick them out while I balanced precariously between pumpkin-stacked pallets in the church parking lot. Of course, I chose to wear the 4” black patent peep toes that day. Anyway, the kids were super excited when we laid out the plans for the evening and began dissecting the gourds. Mabel and Hayley didn’t want to touch the innards, but finally were scooping away after some encouragement. At one point there was a food fight and Trevor and Andrew were laughing with pumpkin snot on their foreheads and Mabel had it in her hair. When I touched Hayley’s forehead with my pumpkin hand, she burst into tears and sobbed for 10 minutes.

We have a pee pot in our house. I’ve held it in long enough, and now I need to blog about it. Since May, our #3 has been peeing her pants. She’ll be 8 in a couple of weeks, so this is alarming. She’s been evaluated and it’s nothing physiological – i.e. no medical reason she should be wetting herself. She is making a choice to pee during the day, and pee she is. We know she’s dealing with some things right now, including moving twice this summer and two new teachers since school started, among other things. Also, it’s never easy to be a part of a blended family when your very most wish of all is for your own mommy and your own daddy to be married to each other instead. RIGHT. So, we’re praying for her, and reassuring her, and encouraging her to talk about her feelings. [I’m not taking this personally; I know she loves the beeswax out of me.] Could you join us please in prayer for her bladder and brain to begin to control themselves again? For her to talk this drama out so that she feels better? This mama (because I am the mama in our house) is worn out from worrying about our pee pot.

The time for a goose fence behind our home is over. Several years ago and far before I called this place mine, Bryon and our neighbor erected a safe but effective wire fence on the water’s edge. The Canadian geese here are, wow – there is a million of them, I swear. And they like to walk in the yard and eat and look all cute. And poop. So much poop that you slide on it in the summertime. Blech. So the wire goose fence kept them in the water and off the swingset. Except that it’s now time for the fence to come down so that the natural reeds and so forth can grow. It’s been a whopping 48 hours without the fence and the neighbor’s already texted us that he had over 100 geese in his backyard yesterday. Sigh.

A word to the wise: Boden clothing is adorable, but their sizing is NOT U.S. sizing. I placed an online order recently for a few fall items and found that their women’s sizing was at least one size off (size 10 shirt in the U.S. is probably 12/14 in the U.K.). Even Mabel cannot wear the 5/6. I had to keep the 7/8s for her. The arms are a bit long, but it’s nothing rolling can’t fix. Anyway, all but 2 shirts were returned and, Folks, that does not make me happy. Sadly this also means that I won’t be ordering Hayley anything from Boden for Christmas. Their children’s clothing tops out beneath her size. Boo to that!

I am simply in denial that it snowed as much as it snowed last week, and most certainly can’t believe that it is November tomorrow. In a week, we will mark the anniversary of the death of our colleague with a moment of silence. To have been here on that day, to have helped, and watched him meet Jesus was not something I ever thought would be stored into my memories. But somehow, I am grateful to have been a part of it.

I decided to check out Greek yogurt for the first time this week. The bus was late, okay? Anyway, I bought a few Fage and a few Oikos to test them both out. While I love the way the Fage package is made, allowing the topping to store separate from the yogurt, the Oikos are my favorite. Far yummier. And there you have that. Because I know you were dying to know what I thought of Greek yogurt as much as I was dying to blog those thoughts and keep them forever.

I am not happy that Christina is sleeping with her Mayo boss. Her husband needs her in Seattle and it’s just… well, it’s wrong, plain and simple. Come on, Christina, get it together! Get on a plane and get back to Seattle Grace and make it right with Owen! [Sorry, Grey’s reference and subsequent frustration.]

Trevor’s football team played their last playoff game last weekend in the university dome. They won!!!  They placed within the top ten teams in the entire state and we are so very proud of Trevor’s talent and teamwork this year. I need to download the 200+ photos that I shot during so that Nana can see #33 rock it out. Next year begins the real work: football camps, eating right, and keeping up his strength in preparation for the school’s 7th grade team. He is stoked to be a Titan!

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  1. The problem with the high winds out here is that we are so densely populated. Nothing is spread out so the wind just hits walls essentially, and moves what is in its way. The damage out here in NJ/NY is devastating. Between the storm surge and the winds taking down all of the old trees in neighborhoods it is unlike anything we have ever seen or had to deal with. My family has been told we will most likely not have power for 3 weeks. We have multiple friends who have lost their homes due to the storm surge and trees through their houses. We are not wimps out here I promise you. We just rarely see winds this high or storms this big come up this far, and with such a dense population it was just awful.

    I love your blog by the way! I think it is awesome!