November 6, 2012

Girls' Time

Immediately following Mabel's suprise graduation from Big Dippers class at gymnastics two weeks ago, we hit our favorite sushi restaurant. My girl loves miso soup, edamame, and rice so it was only fitting that we lunch together while the boys were away hunting.

She eats Japanese fried chicken and picks at my maki. Eventually, she'll get braver. She loves the little bowls and the big spoons, and I was lucky to have 6 edamame before she devoured the whole basket.


After a stop at the Halloween store [where Mabel decided it was wicked fun to be scared out of her mind by big, furry spiders eleventy times], we stopped at all of our favorite thrift stores in town. Would you believe that we didn't find anything to bring home? Sad, actually. So we wandered the mall instead. She was thrilled to see the trains running.

Then we wandered the grocery store, where we came upon a wonderful plan for the rest of the evening. It included two dudes named Ben and Jerry, and some wedding television. We talked about silk and taffeta, hoop skirts and tulle, and definitely pink bridesmaids dresses for her imaginary wedding. We also set out the pink sparkly nail polish for the next day.

And then Sunday morning was the perfect time to practice being a kitty for Halloween. Kiki should be flattered, I guess.

Mabel always notices when the boys are away, even if they are just outside. She looks around and shouts, "It's girls time!" with a hug on my leg. And so it was that she and I had Girls Time while the boys were doing their own thing and shooting stuff. And it was swell. I love me some girls time. And I love me some Moo.

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