November 27, 2012

Hayley Turned 8

Hayley Noelle turned 8 this year. We took her to McDonald's for her favorite lunch (she actually IS part chicken nugget; thank you for asking) and then to the park to play. And play we did.

She said it was the favorite part of her birthday. Might have been rolling down the hill with daddy or chasing the boys. Could have even been building leaf piles with Mabel. Honestly, I think it was getting to be "it" when we played tag for an hour. Who doesn't want to be "it" on their birthday?

This year my girl asked for an angel food cake with marshmallow frosting. Lavender marshmallow frosting. Okay then.  I found a delicious recipe for 7-minute frosting that Grandma Sharon said reminded her of Grandma Darlene in Heaven - perfect! Unfortunately, my angel food cake did not fill the pan entirely and had a bubble while baking. This led to premature flopping on one side. The poor cake looked like it was going to  fall over at any second. But it was delicious.

Happy birthday, Phyllis Funyon. I am so blessed by you in my life!

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