November 12, 2012


The Jedi is mostly better. He still slept a lot of the weekend and spent much of it making up what he missed at work. We made time for sushi and hot tea (our favorite - that tea is AH-mazing) and I broke out the crochet hooks for a new project. I'm rusty but I still have skeelz.

Mabel and Trevor took a turn being sick, though it was very brief in comparison. Mabel watched hours worth of The Last Unicorn (more on that later), and finally the boys couldn’t take it anymore and wrestled with Bryon anyway. It’s a good thing he had his strength back because they are not the size they used to be. Holy cow. There was so much lumping and thumping and grunting I had to leave the proximity of the knot. 

I am mostly better, though I still feel a funk lurking. I’m praying it goes away before the weekend. Hayley turns 8 this Sunday and we’re still finalizing birthday plans. I have a cute tomato red hat to wear. Between my almost-funk and the fact that her mother’s baby has the flu as well, I’m just praying SHE doesn’t end up sicky, too. That would stink.

Over the weekend, Bryon was contacted by a new friend of ours who is going through a divorce. The man wanted God-guy advice during this time of grief and anger and loss. My husband said to him, “It’s about being on your knees… and opening your heart to His strength and really feeling how great the world is and everything He has blessed you with.” I was stopped in my tracks by that. To hear my husband testify to another man from his very own perspective (because duh, that’s what a testimony is after all) was just amazing. I am thankful to God for the opportunity we both have with this new friend, I am thankful for my husband’s heart, and for the growth that we’ve both made in our journey with Christ.

I am looking forward to a great week.

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