November 7, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

1. Hmmmm. Must try.

2. Quite honestly, I think this is some vintage book rack from a wicked cool library some place. It's way too cool to have been born a plant stand. But I want to find one like I want to breathe! WOW.

3. Marshmallow frosting for Hayley's birthday cake? Yes, please.

4. Tweed is definitely popular this time of year. I don't think tweed is necessary to pull of this look. I think its a combination of the jeans, the tee shirt, the belt, and the blazer.

5. E.K. again. This time the strappy heels and leather jacket make me squeal!

6. I looooove Elin Kling's style. I pin photos of her often. Such a great look, casual and chic both.

7. Oh, Camp Brand, you naughty little tease, you. I spied the original gray Camp Brand sweatshirt months ago on Pinterest. So did everyone else, which I suspect is the reason their entire store has been out of stock since. This little baby was hidden there, the Rebel Reelers a play on girls who love to fish, and in my very most favorite color of blue. I checked daily to see if the shirts were back in stock. Then one night last week around gosh, 11 maybe, my blue baby was there in the store, waiting to come home with me. Online I mean. You know how it is. I may never take her off.

8. Ladies, listen here. I pinned this ages ago in one of those 'I might need that one day' moments. Honestly it was probably up for the next spring clean, to be deleted. However, my newest pair of black peep toe pumps weren't broken in yet and I neeeeded to wear them last week. Enter this dandy little pin. It works. Athletic socks and a hair dryer... seriously less than 5 minutes and I wore those heels for about 6 hours with zero blisters.

9. Fisherman cable cardigan + hot tea + vintage housedress + (unpictured) messy bun = *FAINTS*

10. I need to get my ass in gear at home. Dresser styling is so important and easy to do, the best requiring the least amount of effort. The plants are key. NEED.

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