November 15, 2012

Weddennessday, With Black Hills Cabins

Andrew is strange and I love him that way.  The other day he blurted out a question, “Am I at the top of food chain?” When Bryon and I looked over at him, he was sitting on the floor in front of the loveseat with a pillow on his head. You know, the homemade envelope-style throw pillows? Yeah, he opened the envelope and shoved his head in the middle, so it framed his head like a sideways star. Blinking, he just stared at us and we couldn’t help but giggle. Cheeser.

So last weekend we made a trip to the mall and stopped at Macy’s on the way to the car. The only thing I ever shop at Macy’s for (which is stupid because I love many of their lines – hello, Martha Stewart and the to-die-for kitchen section!) … is the Clinique counter. I’ve told you all before how much I love Clinique. Clinique and I go way back, and you’ll see how shortly. Anyway, I brought Mabel with me to the counter and sat her up on the white stool in front of the mirror. I loaded her up with q-tips and foam wedges and then approached the saleslady. Very nice, looked about 14 years old. I began to feel a little… old. I told her that I needed to pick up a new bottle of the clarifying lotion 2 and also some liquid eyeliner in black. She grabbed the clarifying lotion 2 and then looked at me like I had 2 heads. She went through drawers and flung little floral boxes over her shoulder, in an effort to find this liquid eyeliner. Mabel was… decently well-behaved, attempting to ‘try on’ all of the lipsticks and mascaras available. As cute and girlie as it was, she’s had a cold and it skeeved me out so I had to distract her eleventy times while babysitting the aggravated saleslady. “I don’t think we carry that anymore. I’m not sure we ever did,” she tried to explain. Uh… no. I politely informed her that I’ve been using the liquid eyeliner from Clinique for a number of years – it’s my holy grail eyeliner, Peeps. I know where it comes from. Still, she was a deer in the headlights. “I think they’ve stopped making it because I’ve worked here a couple of years and I’ve never heard of it. Perhaps you should consider a pencil,” she said, growing more annoyed. Finally, I said, “Look, Lady, I know they make it. I’ve been buying it from Clinique since I was 16. That was… (I paused and tick-tocked my eyes and then became very quiet) almost twenty years ago,” I whispered. Suddenly her eyes grew big and she must have relented to my superior product love because she went to her computer then and pulled it right on up on the screen. Well, well, my friend. I did have to have it shipped to my house, but that was just fine with me. But I walked away realizing that I have been loyal to a product – a very, very wonderful product – for twenty years. And suddenly I began to feel a little more … old.

Husband and I stopped at Last Stop CD Shop a few days ago. He was looking for second-hand Wii and Playstation2 games, and I, for movies. In the end, I brought home Lilo & Stich and The Last Unicorn for our girls. THE LAST UNICORN! Le sigh!

Mabel was excited about both of the new movies, but most especially The Last Unicorn. She wasn’t feeling so well that evening, so I set her up in our bedroom to watch it and I stayed in there with her for a few minutes to make sure it played properly. Well that, and I really wanted to just… see the unicorn. Just once. I fell in love with that movie in 1982 when my daddy brought it home for me to watch in our living room (which was formal and only used for movie-watching… usually by little me). When the credits started, I told Mabes about the movie and then little tears fell out of my eyes. Dang it. Sigh. I adore that movie and I’m so excited that I found it to share with my girls, too. And also… 1982 was the year I was turned 6. Which made me feel even… older.

Because I use this blog as a reference tool for my own brains, I need to remind myself of something for next year. Dear Self, please check out Bluebell Lodge in Custer State Park and the Hillside Country Cabins in Rapid. Amen.

I spent two days this week scrambling to last-minute plan something different for Hayley’s birthday party with little girlie friends. Planning for four children never ends, Folks. And it’s impossible when you try to crack something out inside of 7 days. On tap for our family birthday with Hayley this year: angel food cake with lavender marshmallow frosting and pink Sixlets!

The gal who used to sit behind me and snark about my best friendship with my husband is no longer there. Instead there is a rather austere older gentleman with full brush mustache. He says, “Holy balls!” all the time. He is from Iowa and makes me smile.

The other day Bryon sent me one of those emails that you keep forever. It said, “You are my eternal love….my forever Boo….my favorite person to sit next to….my one and only duck commanderette….my throw-a-leg-over and pass out peacefully, rock.”  I love the emails that you keep forever.

My favorite coworker J sits beside me. He is younger than I am, softspoken, a twin, and has a beard and strawberry blonde hair. He is my office little brother. He hears me rant and rave, he allows me to train him, and he still comes to me with respect, asking for advice on a variety of work importances. As you can imagine, he’s heard me say all sorts of weird things and come to know that I’m just different than the average bear. Even in the workplace (what, you don’t talk about your fallopian tubes?). And so last week when he was asking me to do some filing, I made a comment about how, just because I am a girl I shouldn’t be on the frontlines of the filing. Then J says, “Listen, I was just asking you for help. You don’t need to go swinging your uterus around.” Both of us died laughing. The other folks sitting nearby were nonplussed. It was so funny I had to tell Bryon all about it. He was very surprised that little J said ‘uterus.’ The following morning, my (not so big but very) scary husband walked up to J and put his hand on his shoulder. “I hear you were talking about my wife’s uterus yesterday.” I think J damn near peed his pants. It was hilarious, even though he knew we were kidding. So thankful to have good friends to work with. Who are willing to say uterus.

And also – BRYON said uterus in the workplace! Score one for my husband! 

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  1. I first saw 'The Last Unicorn' in my boyfriend's dorm room. It's a fave of the children too. (AND the soundtrack, which the teen girl received a Christmas or two ago)

    Sigh-- You have it so good with the hubby. I try to not be jealous.