December 10, 2012

Happy Monday

Hello, good peeps. Snow hit Da Plains this weekend and we accumulated a couple of inches. Enough for the boys to have to shovel twice. It's a welcome sight in my opinion.

The rest of the weekend was full of Christmas shopping, ornament making, and family time. See here.

While the boys went Christmas shopping for me (which required I not attend, see) the girls and I decided to make ourselves a tradition. We offed to Michael's for ornaments and paint. After Hayley and Mabel had painted four apiece, we made gingerbread cookies and covered them in sugar sprinkles.

We also listened to my really awesome Christmas playlist, which only comes out for a couple of months per year. We turned the tree on, turned up the tunes, and painted and cooked and giggled about Hayley's boyfriend Breyer. Except don't tell her I told you so because she'd pass out from embarassment.

That and she's 8 and not allowed to have boyfriends.

Also unwrapped two early Christmas presents for the kids. The girls will get a trampoline in the spring, in place of the handmedown swingset (which will, ironically, be handed down to a supervisor's daughter) and the boys... they finally got the gaming system that they've been begging for for months. And by boys I mean my husband, too.

I also learned how to shoot a sniper rifle via Army of Two this weekend. It was pretty cool!

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