January 11, 2013


While at the park in November, we asked Trevor to take some updated pictures of us. The stocking cap and sweatshirt was an accidental match, and yes, I do wish I'd gone with jeans instead of yoga pants that day. But honestly, we all wore pajamas to the part more or less, so I'm good with it. I aim to keep it real on the blog.

We've come so far in almost 2 years of marriage. We've learned more than we've lost, and we most certainly love one another about a million times more than we did when we were first 'all in.' It hasn't been easy because well, it's not designed to be. Marriage is hard. Christian marriage is so much harder.

This man loves me. This man wants to know me, to listen to me, and to understand me. And I am so grateful. And I want to be the best wife that God could give him every single day.

Man I love us.

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