January 31, 2013

Weddennessday on Friday

I'm behind this week, Peeps.

Last Monday was our proposal-versary. If you’d like to read about that effervescent evening, please do so. I love the memories we’ve made and that night was amazing.

Over this past couple of weeks, we’ve witnessed a change in constitution in our middle girl. Earlier I blogged about how soft-hearted and trepidatious she often is. And while that is still overwhelmingly true, last weekend, the other side got stronger. Trevor was picking on Moo and Hayley came unglued and charged after him. Well, okay then.

Also last weekend, Hayley fluttered around my ankles and soaked up all sorts of momminess from me. I love that. She asked what baking soda was for. She asked me why you turn up the heat on the oil before adding the porkchops to sear them. She nuzzled and giggled. It was lovely. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for allowing me those moments of promise and hope.

So I’ve been overcome by a new television favorite: Chasing The Saturdays, on E! I realize, Peeps. Yes, yes, just call me Judy; I’m watching E! But I can’t help it because the Saturdays are fabulous. They’re a British girl band trying to make it in the States. They’re all totally sweet and wholesome. Two of them are married and one is a mama. They’re so stylish and look, if I can sit and listen to a British accent, I’m going to, okay? And Mollie’s hair is my ultimate. GAH. Love.

Andrew received a 95% on his most recent Science test. We were so thrilled for him to see the outcome of his hard work studying (despite how many nights he growled at us for making him read and reread, and reread again) that we took him out for chicken wings. Amen.

Mabel is in a new preschool. Prior to this, she attended a home daycare and went to preschool three days a week, for two hours each day. Her daycare provider is going to have her fifth baby, so she’s closing up shop this month. The new preschool is only a few blocks from the last and provides preschool every day, with daycare before and after. Perfect. She’s got her backpack packed with hat, gloves, and snowpants because unlike the home provider, they take them outside every day [every day that its above freezing anyway]. We love it. She’s the star of the week next week!

The boys have their winter concert this week at the high school. Both of them are a little rotten for the music instructor, but it’s the kind of naughty where she ends up loving them in the long run. I feel for her, I really do. Can’t wait to see them sing now that they’re reaching the age where boys and girls start to notice one another. Last year Trevor had his eye on the girl who stood 3 down from him on the bleachers. This year remains to be seen. And with a performance with middle-schoolers, it’s basically a test to see who’s kid is going to fart during the musical breaks and cause the whole lot of them to collapse in a fit of laughter. I just hope it’s not ours.

I had a migraine on Sunday. The weather fluctuation between 45 and -5 has my sinuses in total chaos. It feels like a football in my face. My wonderful husband kept me in the bed and brought me the heating pad, medicine, and snacks. Like, all day, People. He kept the kids relatively quiet, cleaned the house, cooked, AND doted on me. He rubbed my neck and turned on the television for me, and somehow I caught my favorite part of You’ve Got Mail. My migraine ended up being one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

ETA: the winter concert was quite nice, though it was lengthy. Nobody farted! And only in Da Plains can you hear a walleye reference AND a Walmart reference during a school musical performance. Made me smile with love for this place that we live.

Did you know that Pinterest has a comedy category? It does. And I’m warning you: take tissues  with you when you go, and tell your family you won’t see them for hours, because you will scroll and scroll and scroll and laugh so hard that you almost wake your husband up in the bed from the sobs. I spent about an hour there the other night and sent Mindy the best ones until SHE was laughing and bawling all the way in Texas. THAT is a great way to spend an empty hour, I’ll tell you what. Don’t shake your head at me; you know you’re going to go check it out. Be warned.

The downstairs closets are nearly complete. Husband and I have been working on them for the past month, during those little bits of time we have for home projects. I wish we had more time and I wish that I’d been receiving child support over the past year because the closets would be finished by now – but I’m grateful for the ability to spend a dollar at a time to get the closets done. I am. God has a plan and we’re all up in it. Anyway, the closets – yes. The girls and Trevor all have closets in their bedrooms now. With clothes and toys and books inside! SQUEEE. If you know me at all by now, you know it was making my hiney crawl up the wall to watch all 4 of them dig for clothes in Andy’s closet. And Andy’s toys alllllllllll over the floor as a result. Oh, no sir. Now it is BEAUTIFUL and organized. Glory!

Things are a-changin’, Folks.

Mabel visited the doctor last week and came out with a sinus infection. Poor Beezer. She’s almost all better now, but it kept her out of gymnastics AND everyone’s beeswax for a week. And she sounded like a man. There, I said it.

Tomorrow is Tomato Soupiversary! And yes, I plan to walk down the corridor, climb the white wooden steps, and slam a can of tomato soup down on his desk. Not going to tell him I’m coming, either. If you want to read about my brave and faithful burst of confidence 3 years ago (wow, really?), you should totally do it. It’s a great story.

For the past week, I’ve been playing with my natural waves again. I figure at the very least (and even though I use a GREAT leave-in protectant), it’s good for my hair to take a break from blow drying. I ran out of my Sebastian Whipped Curl Mousse, so I searched the internet for a drugstore version. So far, I’ve been quite happy with Dove’s version of the same thing. It IS heaver than the pricier stuff. And it IS oilier as well. Time will tell if I buy another can.

Also in hair news, I’m giving the Suave Dry Shampoo a rest as well. Not because it isn’t fantastic – because that shit IS fantastic. No… it’s because of something very sweet and personal. You know how at the end of a long day, if someone has been mean to you, or if you stub your toe 85 times in one afternoon, or your ex-spouse needs a high five in the face with a chair… you know those days? After those days when you come home and you see your person and you just collapse into their arms and breathe them in and feel them all gooey and protective around you? Yes. For Bryon, that is my hair. Bryon needs my hair smell when he’s stressed out. And right now is horribly stressful at work so he needs my hair smell more than ever. And dry shampoo gives it a grapefruity smell that is lovely, but not MY smell, you see. And so, I’m giving that a rest and letting my husband sniff my smell as often as he needs to. There are few things better than his arms around me while I stand at the stove, just… breathing me in. All of his stress melts away. Isn’t that the best?

Smell. There, I said it again.

-35 degrees today with the wind chill. Isn't that nifty?

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