February 4, 2013

And This is What You Called Obsessed


This, my friends, is what obsession looks like. On Saturday while husband was at work and I was battling yet another sinus headache, Mabes and I caught up on some Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel. When the mini-marathon ended a sappy little movie was advertised. It caught my attention immediately.

Not because it was a story about a single mother who adopts a dog from the shelter, only to learn that his owner - a handsome major league baseball player - had lost him to begin with. Hilarity and romance ensues. Of course it does on the Hallmark channel, right? Right. Except Candace Cameron's hair was KILLER. So I had to take a picture of it. Or eleventy seven.

Anyway, in case you guys ever doubt my hair determination, or obsession with awesome fashion or hair, well... here we are.

1 comment:

  1. THAT'S Candace Cameron?! Wow, did she grow up pretty, or what?!