February 18, 2013

Do Something

Oh I am getting good and pissy at myself now.

I got older this year. I realize everyone does but for some reason, it hit me harder this year than I expected when my body sprung out 3 stark assed white hairs from my head. No thank you, Body. I don’t wanna.
I also have a mammogram scheduled for tomorrow morning – a new baseline. That’s neither here nor there except please hear this reminder to check your b00bies please.

I have mentioned that my vim and vigor has waned lately. I am a sucky blogger right now. My work hours changed a little, just enough to really mess with my free time. Free time that I used to blog with, shoot during [photography not ex-spouses], or basically read or do anything creative whatsoever.
It’s all gone by the wayside.

And I am saying NO. No more. I’m pissed.

I have tons and tons and oodles of photos stored in my Pinterest account of lovely DIY ideas, just waiting for me to find time to DO SOMETHING. I realize everyone with a Pinterest account can probably say the same thing, but when I signed up I promised myself not to be lazy about inspiration. I promised myself that I would feel the goose and go for things. There have certainly been things that I have carried through on. Lots, actually. But not as many as I’d like to check off the list.

Why do I not plan meals anymore? My husband asked me this a week or two ago and honestly, it hits the budget when we don’t. So, Rachel. DO SOMETHING.

Why are there all sorts of clutter and stuff and junko amidst our shelves and closets right now? Okay, Rachel. DO SOMETHING.

What has been going on in my head that I have just… stalled? I just got busy worrying, I think is what it is. Or I spent the year growing or reacting or… something. Some hog wash that sounded good at the time. But now I’ve had enough of that stalled bullshit. I need to DO SOMETHING.

There is a shit ton of fabric below my stairs at home just begging to be turned into 5 coverlets (yes one for each child plus another for the living room) and drapes for the laundry room. I cannot keep collecting it if I’m not going to do anything with it. That’s just piss poor and sad. I need to make the time to DO SOMETHING.

I have a scarf, half crocheted and sitting on the end table in the living room, trying to look all inspired. But it’s not inspired. It’s just sitting there because I scratched an itch too late and the itch went away. That’s what happens when you ignore creativity. If you’re me anyway.

I want to paint.

I need to hang some prints throughout my home. There is one that I need to find out on the loft and get it back on the wall.

I need to sew and feel a needle in my fingers again. I need to work on my blog some more.

I need to clean out closets and clean out my mind.

Oh I am good and pissy now. Might actually go and DO SOMETHING.

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