February 27, 2013


February is a big month for us. And since I celebrate all sorts of anniversaries that make me weep with nostalgia, I’m pretty busy this month. Three years ago this month, we took the leap and went out on a non-date, followed by a real date with flowers and 5 hours of kissing in the blue truck, and me calling my mother to tell her I knew the man I was going to marry. Two years ago this week, I promised that man my hand in marriage and made a covenant with him that means hard work, forever. I am so incredibly blessed. WE are so incredibly blessed.

Mindy shared something amazing with me last week that I passed along to some friends in need. She said: In EVERY situation in your life, God is doing one of 3 things.
1) Building a story for His glory
2) Revealing his character (and building it in you)
3) Growing a relationship with Him (which might not be you)

It’s our job to stand back and let Him do His work. And when we see something coming, we have a chance to prepare our responses and prepare our heart for it. Choose our responses before anything hurts, before the circumstances overwhelm. Think of how we are safe and protected because our King is working! How awesome is that?!

Over the weekend I chopped off all of my hair. Like, all of it. I’m still getting used to the air on my neck, and the scratch of Bryon’s whiskers on my shoulders. I haven’t felt that since early 2010 and I love both.

Our middle girl was given a challenge last week by her trainer: eat fruits and vegetables with every meal, and for snack after school. This is in fact a challenge for our sweet little, who doesn't always have access to fruits and veggies. This is… oh, Peeps, it is difficult. We can't monitor or encourage when she's not with us. So, we will keep praying, keep reminding, and keep hoping that she looks for and finds healthy choices everywhere.  

I have come to realize that my creativity is directly tied to my level of stability in life. My lack of creativity means my faith isn’t strong enough right now, and I need to work on that. I feel sometimes like I cannot concentrate on anything creative because in order to do so, I must drop concentration on another area of my life: work, husband, children, gymnastics, grocery list, math-studying, and so on. And that is too scary to do today. Where is the Jesus? Where is the faith that things are under control because my King reigns? Sigh. So I am struggling with this right now, praying for resolution. I have a million fresh ideas that I can’t wait to bust out. For now, though, they are stuck.

Six inches of snow fell on Da Plains last week. LOVE.

I have found myself daydreaming about summertime over the past few weeks. It’s been plenty cold and snowy around these parts for a while, so I am ready for the rebirth. I am ready to see green poking through the snow. My guess is it won’t green up around here until April. I’m hoping we can have a yard party for Bryon’s big birthday!

The girls received Perler beads galore for Christmas this year, and I have added to that with clear plastic bead boards and a pattern book. They both have created tons designs and even Trevor has gotten into it. He and Mabel worked on a hot air balloon that took days of concentration and teamwork. Yesterday Andy and Hayley came upstairs with a darling sheep and a peach pig. I love it.

Did I ever brag about my Valentine’s Day? I really should. My wonderful husband had the largest yellow roses I’ve ever seen delivered to me at work. Then he presented me with a wonderful card and called me his ‘bestie.’ Awww. And then we went to the local Irish pub because our favorite band was playing. They sang Toto’s ‘Africa’ and Asia’s ‘Heat of the Moment,’ and we were in 80’s heaven. 

Because my Jedi will be cleaning a braze oven during our actual anniversaire, we celebrated last Friday with a date.

Also sent to me by Mindy this week: Praying now. God has got this. Heard something today that made me smile and think of you: "God didn't deliver you from the ocean just to let you drown in the bathtub." Got it, Friend. Got it. See my above point.

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