March 8, 2013

List Project: Greatest Comforts

His warm hand around mine after a hard day

The blue light of morning and his breath, hot on my shoulder

A steaming bowl of homemade chicken and vegetable soup

The ink copy smell from a great book read in the middle of the night

Knee socks sandwiched between the weight of several quilts on the bed

The breath of one of my littles when they are tucked into my neck

The freedom and safety of lifting my hands to worship  

Christian music that delivers His exact message to my heart most especially when needed

The smell of my mother’s house

A hot and uninterrupted shower

Collapsing on the beach after hours of hot sun on my shoulders

A well-organized anything

A fully-stocked refrigerator before the weekend starts

The ceramic mug of hot green tea in my hands at our favorite Japanese restaurant

Being snowed in at home with a crackling fireplace

The sun rising in the eastern sky, a reminder that His will brought me another day on this earth

His death on the cross for my life, His unending love, bottomless grace, and thorough forgiveness

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