March 19, 2013

Spring Fashion Pour Moi

This Spring won't bring a ton of new wardrobe pieces for me. But I'm hoping it will bring a few. That and hundreds of ideas on how to reuse what I have and what I find in my local thrift stores. I'm lucky because they're great ones, if you take the time to dig.

I want to focus on easy pieces that aren't sloppy. Great graphic tees, flowing skirts and shorts, boyfriend jeans and shorts, and layered necklaces. For work, I'll add blazers and killer heels.

More to come on this as my brain percolates.

PS:  It's driving me nuts how my blog title scoots past the right edge of my screen. Does that happen for you? I've resized it about a billion times and that's not fixing it. I can't figure out how to make it look purdy. Any ideas?

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