March 15, 2013

This Week

This week one of our girls had a funk and the other had a school assignment that went into another galaxy. Literally.

Mabel has a cough that kept her out of preschool. Dad took a turn on Monday, and I was home Tuesday and Wednesday. She's on the mend now, thanks to lots of cuddles, steamy showers, and perler beading. It helps heal the soul, you know. I had the time to complete a project, too. I finished a black infinity scarf that I've been planning since September. Glory!

Hayley had a school assignment that was entitled 'solar system in a box' but instead turned into her first foray into a school project and our first disagreement with the other parent regarding following assignment directions. Within seconds there was talk of motorized planets and a $35 trip to Michael's. I have a few years of experience in this area and very carefully weighed in on some sort of blend between the assignment and whatever creativity Hayley wanted to share. In the end, we relented because its not worth the argument. If the teacher doesn't think she followed directions, her grade will reflect that and she will learn that hard lesson. I hope that's not the case. We'll find out next week.

Also this week, Andrew's grades were reviewed. He had dropped in two subjects last term because he forgets to turn in assignments or he turns them in late. We've spent hours coaching him on the important of prioritizing his work, keeping his planner, and WANTING to be successful. I am so proud to share with you that Andrew raised his grades to an A and a B!!!  GO, ANDY!!!

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